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#25. May 9, 2000 I am pleased to announce that your website has enough points to win my [Brandon's] Award of Honor -Brandon Smart Brandon's Award of Honor 163x228

Caleb's Liked Your Site Award 255x200

#26. May 9, 2000 "Congratulations! Your site has won my [Caleb's Liked your Site] Award!! I really enjoyed visiting your site. I can tell you put a lot of hard work into your site. Once again, congratulations!!" -Caleb Fry
Sanna & Robert's Dolphin Award 360x216

#276. August 15, 2000 - "Congratulations...Your site has won Sanna & Robert's Dolphin Award. This award is given to sites with excellent content." Sincerely, Sanna Schweigert, Sanna & Robert's World Netherlands
Scorpio cool site 148x136
#4. Apr 27, 2000 Scorpiosite Cool Site "A Great Site - And worthy winner" -Jay Scorpiosite Cool Site 148x136

#37. May 14, 2000 Tiny's Best of the Web "Hello! Congratulations! I'm happy to give you my award. Greetings from Holland, Tiny" -Fam. Sietses Tiny's Best of the Web 200x200

Ornamental Concrete Directory Gold Award 130x129

#166. June 28, 2000 "Thank you for applying for our [Ornamental Concrete Directory Gold] award. Your site is quite excellent." Thank you, Don Allen also offers silver and bronze
#88. May 31, 2000 Lavanderia Pulp King Award (second to Ace Award) "(your choice, please paste on your site)" PPS: There's only one person using Opera and that's me; I just changed the award page look, anyway thanks for dropping by twice. -Andrew I did fill out an application for each award. Lavanderia Pulp King Award 166x234

Alienz Excellent Site Award 257x257

#321. September 4, 2000 Alienz Excellent Site Award - "Helo, I have checked your site and i saw that you have made a big effort doing it, so you deserve my award." Thank you, Mario Enriquiez (Webmaster)

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