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Nick's Dreamer Award of Excellence
July 25, 2000 - "Dear John, Congratulation !!!! You have won my main award. Your site is really cool. I enjoyed surfing it." Friendly your, Nick [Nikola Veinovic]
The LibogAJTM Site Excellence

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#1017. LibogAJ Site Excellence Award - June 13, 2001 "John, I have visited your website and ,it was great!, I would like to award you my LibogAJ Site Excellence Award. You have excellent colors and clever Graphics, and since I Am a Stamp Collector myself, I found your site very helpful and Worthy, Please let me know if you would accept my award, so I can put you on the winners list. though My site is only rated 2.0 by Award Sites,It's only been up for 2 months, so in the future i will try to re-submit it to be rated higher. Thank you and More Power." God Bless, Cesar Angel Eusebio please copy and paste the award code ( I tried sending it to earlier but it kept coming back,some problems with your too@longforbox account)
#1028. Diamond Award - June 20, 2001 "Your site had been reviewed, please place the award on your site linking to my site and we will be all set. Let me know when you have the logo placed and I will reinspect your site." thank you, mark Paradise Products Diamond Award 61x140

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