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#497. Faithweb Award for Truth - November 27, 2000 "Hi John. From Texas? Cool, Welcome to Washington! I checked out your site, and found it to be presenting subject matter which is nonfictional. This is good. (Fiction is okay too, if, identified as such.) Truth is the only criteria. (And being suitable for all viewers, as in appropriate for young people too.) So, write back, and swear to Texas that your site is true! And this award is for you. ( is an autoresponder) Include a link to the page you put the award on, and perhaps a catagory your site should be listed under?" Sincerely, Frank Davies Faithweb Award for Truth 167x355

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#497.ALT Award for Truth 76x76 eggsbutt.gif - May 14, 2001 "Hi John. I thought you might like a copy of the award for truth animated graphic. As you know, you deserve it! (And did in fact win it sometime ago.) But I did not see an animated graphic at your site and just thought you might like a copoy for your 2.0 animated awards page." Frank Davies

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