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John Russell's Site Award 200x137John Russell's Site Award 300x137John Russell's Site Award 220x144
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June 8, 2000 "Congratulations! You've won my award! For your great site you've won 'John Russell's Site Award' in your choice of styles and sizes." Best Regards, John. -Rev. John Russell, C.T.M., Ct.Psy., Cornwall, NY "Eschew Obfuscation"
June 14, 2000 "Dear John, What an interesting collectors item. Never heard of precancelled stamps before. I wish you had a few graphics to show what some looked like. Congratulations on earning A School Zone award. I liked the informative content and ease of navigation." Best Regards, Perenne Rice A School Zone 93x128
June 14, 2000 "Dear John, I visited your site and I enjoyed my stay over. Like you sad [said] the site really is easy to navigate. Liek [like] probally [probably] guessed by now, you won!" Bye, Ann Belgium Ann Cool Site Award
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Ariana's Best of the Best Award 215x152
June 21, 2000 [Award Sites Level 2.0] "Hello John! I just came back from visiting your site and I would be honored if you would accept my Best of the Best Award. I understand you have applied for my Web Excellence Award but I feel your site deserves more. I spent considerable time looking through your links. I found your site very easy to navigate with excellent content and design. I can see the hard work you have put into your site and I applaud you for that. Congrats, Best Wished and Continued Success with your site and all your future endeavours!" -Ariana ;)
Queen of Cheeze Award for Excellence 154x154
July 29, 2000 [Award Sites Level 2.0] "interesting site, lots of work put into it. This is a level 2.0 award. Congratulations." [Chucky Wulle]
July 14, 2000 [Award Sites Level 2.0 derated 7/29/2000] "You have won the [Ryan's {Stamps}] Silver Award. Some suggestions are to simplify your navigation system. For someone who has been there several time, and has used the site several times it would be easy to understand. But it was kindof confusing for me, as it was my first time there. Also you should maybe make the Texas Precancel club, and the precancel stamp society smaller, or place them somewhere els because they didn't fit inside my winder without using the left and right arrows, and I use a fairly large sized window. {Is Ryan using 640x480??} Other than that you have a very nice site." -Ryan [Woosley] Ryan's {Stamps Galore & More} Silver Award 315x297
ryansilv.gif BRONZE Award 181x143
July 22, 2000 [Award Sites Level 2.0 since 7/18/2000] "Congratulations! Your website has been browsed, examined and the final conclusion is that we have decided to present you with the - BRONZE AWARD. The site includes some good content, easy navigation and simple graphics but in order to win a high ranking award, a more graphical layout would look better. Good HTML design cannot be given to sites that use Webpage construction programs and there are some problems with the (onmouseover) parts of the site. You may resubmit the site in a month to try for a better award but Bronze, doesn't mean that it is a bad site, It just could be even better and much more appealing. On behalf of the website team - Well Done!" - Charles MacIntyre, Webmaster
September 3, 2000 [Award Sites Level 2.0] ZimZim Award - "Hi everyone! It's been quite awhile since I've really gotten around to handing out my ZimZim Award. All of you have applied, and because of the delay in actually giving out my awaard, I'm giving it to EVERYONE. Thanks again for applying, and I look forward to hearing back from all of you!" jptm I Won a ZimZim Award July-August 2000 443x75
ZimZim Award August 2000 655x86
Krystalnet Beautiful Site Award 342x280
September 7, 2000 [Award Sites Level 2.0] Krystalnet Beautiful Site Award - "Congratulations you have won the Krystalnet Beautiful Site Award. I truly enjoyed your site. I love stamps and spend quite a time looking the site over. I'm very pleased to give you our award. A link back is appreciated but not required. Your site will be placed on our winners page." Pernel,

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