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Stop The Pain Start the Humanity Flower Award 214x247
DEAD LINK 214x247 stopphum.jpg
Stop The Pain Start the Humanity Gold Award approx 150x75
DEAD LINK 150x75 spshgold.jpg
#495. Stop The Pain Start the Humanity Flower Award + #496. SPSH Gold Award - October 20, 2000 - (Stop The Pain, Start the Humanity) - hello John; Please accept my apologies for not responding sooner. My health has not allowed me to work at the computer much as of late. Since my website has changed to rather than, there are many (too many) changes to be made. I'm pleased to attach not one, but 2 awards for your site which is very informative and helpful to many. I enjoyed my visit very much." sincerely, Maureen Hall (award program now closed)
Mel's Blue Ribbon Award for Website Excellence 256x187

256x187 mac_blue.jpg
#518. Mac's Blue Ribbon Award for Website Excellence - October 20, 2000 - "Woof woof! Hi! We have thoroughly reviewed your site, and found it worthy of Mac's Blue Ribbon Award! This is the highest award there is to receive! Great job! Your overall score was a 91. Hope to hear from you soon." Colleen, Mac, Alex and Rio (also offers Red Ribbon You've Got my Approval & Yellow Ribbon I had fun here.) June 7, 2001 "You have already won our gold award. There is no higher than gold." Colleen, URL change
Miss G's Unique Web Site Award 253x279

253x279 missguni.jpg
#543. Miss G's Unique Web Site Award - November 6, 2000 - (Miss G's Domain) - "hi John, I apologize for taking so long to respond. It was a pleasure visiting your site. It was both interestig [interesting] and informative. It is an honor that I present you with my award. All I ask is that you submit your banner or, if you do not have a banner, a text link to your site, so that I may include you on the Recipients' Award Page." Thank you and take care. Miss G November 24, 2000 "Hi John, I was unable to locate your rating even though I seem to remember that it was a level 3.0 rating. I am not quite sure, so could you please let me know so I can include it with your banner. Also, could you please add me to your list of level 2.0 rating." Thank you and take care, Miss G
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Cool Spot Award 155x155
DEAD LINK 155x155 coolspot.jpg
#497. Green Saints Online Cool Spot Award - October 21, 2000 - "Hi, Congrats! You won the Cool Spot Award! A very well presented site with good content and navigation! Thanx and well done!" Tas* {GrëéN §ãïnts} 'Practice Makes Perfect, Nobody's Perfect, So Why Practice?'
#706 Luuk's Crab Award for Excellence - January 11, 2000 - "Hello John, Great site!! Congratulations! You've won my award for a job well done!!. Choose the award you like best. When you have placed it back on your site, please link it back to my url and then let me know it's there and where. Thanks for your application." Greetings from the Netherlands, Luuk Francken Luuk's Crab Award for Excellence 121x121

121x121 crabawrd.gif
Nicole's Purple Palace Awesome Site Award 210x138

210x138 nicolean.jpg
#818. Nicole's Awesome Site Award - February 23, 2001 (Nicole's Purple Palace) - "Hi John... I have just come from visiting your site and would love to present you with my awesome site award! Your site was very informative and easy to navigate. If you could please link this award back." Regards, Nicole New Zealand
2nd Bn 1st Marine Div Web Design Excellence 2001 Award 275x264

275x264 2bnexc.jpg
#887. 2nd Bn 1st Marine Div Web Design Excellence 2001 Award - April 4, 2001 - "You have a really great site! I am pleased to award you with 2nd Bn 1st Marine Div Web Design Excellence Award. If you choose to accept it, please follow the instructions for placement below: The Web Design Excellence Award has been attached to this email. Please save it to your web directory and upload it to your website. The other thing I ask is you link the award to my site." Chris Alascio
Prime Minister's Approval Silver Award 100x313

100x313 koksilve.jpg
#932. Prime Minister's Approval Silver Award - April 29, 2001 - "Dear John, In answer to your application for the PMA Bronze Award I am glad to inform you have won the PMA Silver award. Congratulations!
The report:
1. Navigability. Good. It's always handy to offer a site map
2. Lay-out: a little bit busy on the index page
3. Language. Good. Basic, clear and to the point.
4. Colouring: Indexpage could be less white. (but that's me).

Navigability - 5 pts
Eloquence - 12 pts
Lay-out - 2 pts
Colours - 2 pts

Concept - 20 pts
HTML - 8 pts
Various - 10 pts
Total: - 59 points "SILVER WINNER" I kindly request you to link the attached award back to my page." Thank you very much. Kind regards, Rich Vermunt, PMAAP spokesman, Amsterdam, Holland (also offers Gold, Bronze, Fun)
The Game Puppet Award 2001 149x190

149x190 gamepup.gif
#949. The Game Puppet Award 2001 - May 4, 2001 [Award Sites 2.0 since 5/2/2001] - "I visited your site and was very interested in the information and stayed for a timen checking things out. I would be honored if you would except [accept] my humble award as per your request. No link back is required just enjoy it. I have been working on a Civil War site and by the end of this month it will be ready. I have over 1200 pages so far and when it is finished it will be over 1300 pages. There will be a link from my index page so if you are interested check back in a few weeks." Larry

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