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Cuddlemonster's Web Angel Award 240x225
DEAD LINK 240x225 cuds_web.gif
#962. Cuddlemonster's Web Angel Award - May 12, 2001 - "Dear john, congratulations on winning our award because you never asked for one we choose this onefor you ok hope you agree? ie good navigation,good loading speed and content please link it back and add ya site to the winners link book" yours cuddlemonster A Baby's Angel Hobby and Craft Award 130x170
light/siteaward.htm DOWN
130x170 hobbycra.jpg
#1003. (A Baby's Angel in Michigan) Hobby and Craft Award - June 6, 2001 - "Thank you for apply for my site award. Because your site is not really a "Charity" or "Humanity" site, I've given you the Hobby and Craft award, for an excellent site. :) Congrats!! Please link your award to my page. Thanks again for applying!" Laura
#1005. (SHAckers) Diamond Site Award Silver - June 7, 2001 - "Congratulations . SHAcker's Awards Program is please to announce your site has been reviewed and you have won our Silver Award. We would also like to offer you a permanent link in our 'Winners List'. The sites are judged on content, functionality, graphics and usefulness to the general public. We spend a lot of time reviewing sites and not all make the grade. You have done a great job, keep up the good work!" Thank you, SHAcker's Awards Program June 7, 2001 "Congratulations John! Texas Precancel Club is a great site. It's very organized and informative. It's certainly a valuable contribution to the World Wide Web! We enjoyed our visit. Please accept the attached Diamond Site Award for your website. If you decide to display it, please consider linking it back. You will now be eligible for our Site of the Month award. Winners will be notified via email and listed on or after July 1st." Good luck with everything, Sincerely, ~Sha, SHAcker's Hidden Rooms dead link
SHAckers Diamond Site Award Silver 167x242
DEAD LINK 167x242 silversh.jpg
#1246. Jib's World Gold Award for Moving Ability - December 5, 2001 - Congrats you go tthe award! I love your site! I have put the HTML code in a notepad, please put this on your site! THANKS A LOT! Jibs Jib's World Gold Award for Moving Ability

140x140 jibmove.jpg
Lucky Starz Featured Site Award

142x65 lucstarz.jpg
#1033. Lucky Starz Featured Site Award - June 24, 2001 - "Texas Precancel Club Webmaster, Thank you for your submission on 6/20/01. We have reviewed your site and have decided to added it to the "Feature" section of our website. Please take a liik at your link. If you notice problems with the link, let us know. You may copy our Award Logo to be displayed on your website wherever you choose. Thanks for your interest in becoming a Lucky Starz Featured Site." Regards, Lucky Starz Webmaster Hidden Treasure's Excellent Site Award
hidtreas.gif 190x259
July 31, 2000 "Hi, Congradulations, you have won my award for website excellence! I am pleased to give you my award and it is attached with this email." Thanks for applying, Melanie [Ducote]
#1098. Meme & Pop's Outstanding Web Design Award - August 25, 2001 - Hello John: We are very happy to announce that you have won our Outstanding Web Design Award. Please make a link back to our web site. Again Congratulations!!!! Sincerely: Meme & Pop's Meme & Pop's Outstanding Web Design Award

147x182 memepopo.jpg
#1099. Chameleon Owners POTZ Silver Award August 2001 - August 28, 2001 - You must be viewing the site with Netscape Navigator. Apparently it does not like FrontPage themes because it did not use my background or chosen font color. I have to straighten that out. I am pleased to present Texas Precancel Club with the Silver POTZ award. Please be sure to save it to your computer as it will only be available here for 14 days. Congratulations. David W. Pickering dead link
Chamowners POTZ Silver Award
DEAD LINK 150x219 potzsilv.jpg
The Guice 5 Cool Site Award

250x167 guicecoo.gif
#1276. The Guice 5 Cool Site Award - December 29. Im not quite sure about why you would apply for the Graphics Award.. I didnt really see any graphics to speak of.. the site is very informational though:O) Nicely laid out.. I would be honored to award you with the family friendly site award and the cool site award. Please link both awards. Thank You, Kimberly Guice, webmistress of The Guice 5 The Guice 5 Family Friendly Site Award

200x250 guicefri.gif

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