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#826. 3jokesaday Tiger Award 5 Paw Award - February 26, 2001 "Congratulations, I think your site is Grrrrrrrreat. Your graphics and layout were very fun to see. You are receiving the Tiger Awrd! It is obvious that you put a lot of hard work into your pages! Congrats, and keep up the great work! Your website will be added with a link in our award winners page in a couple of days. My site is being reviewed by Awward Sites! so I hope you will check back in a month or so to see what ranking I got." Cheeers, GBA August 29, 2001 Award Sites Changed our rating from 1.0 to 2.0 so if your awards are listed by the Award Site Rating System be sure to change our award to the 2.0 level. 3jokesaday Tiger 5 Paw Award 145x160

#1112. Links for You Merit Award - September 9, 2001 Congratulations on winning the Links for you Merit Award. These awards are not easily won. Keep up the great work. I have attached the award to this e-mail. Save it to your own hard drive and upload to your site. Congratulations again, Gloria Sheff AWARD NEEDED dead link
Links 4 You Merit Award
DEAD LINK 175x175 linksmer.gif Outstanding Website Award Silver

150x150 webhawes.gif
#1322. Outstanding Website Award Silver - January 28, 2002 - Mr. Foster, Congratulations! You have been chosen for the's Silver award. A review of your site has been posted on our Hall of Fame. You can pick up your award. Your site is the first to win the Silver award. We ask that all winners link their award back to Also, if you wish to ever advertise with you will recieve a 10% discount. Best of luck in the future and congratulations. Larry Mattox, Webmaster Marina's Great Site Award
website_005.htm DOWN
120x140 marinas.jpg
#1306. Marina's Great Site Award - January 12, 2002 - Hello John Foster, I really love your site! The look and feel of it are great. The layout and easy navigation around the site are top notch! Also the useful information provided will keep people on your site. Thank you for applying for my award. Attached is your award which you can link to my site. Your site will appear on the winners list in the next few days. Congratulations, Marina
#1145. Shehzaadi's Scribbles Elegance Award - September 24, 2001 - hi sweety, sorry i just checked my mails now. :) anyways.. here's the award u asked for. U've got a lovely site out there, keep it up and lotsa luck in life. always, Soni Shehzaadi's Scribbles elegance Award

#1145. shehz3.gif
#1239. JT Travis' Silver Award of Excellence - November 30, 2001 - Congratulations on winning JTs Silver Award of Excellence. Your site has met my criteria for Silver and I enjoyed visiting your site. Please place the award on your page along with a link back. {Joseph Travis} JT Travis' Silver Award of Excellence

#1239. jttravis.jpg
Drama Gold Award 2002 DOWN
157x260 dramag.jpg
#1337. Drama Gold Award 2002 - February 14, 2002 - For John Foster, Dear John, Thank you for your interest in our Drama Awards. I visited your site and was very impressed by its design and the load of information your team [me! -JCF] is sharing with us. It is truely a heart and soul work and I would like to present to you our Drama Gold award. Please link it back. With thanks and regards, Beliz Cehreli Turkey Chantel Graphics Top Site Award

210x210 chantel.gif
#1473. Chantel Graphics Top Site Award - May 22, 2002 - Congratulations on winning my Top Site Award! I appreciate the opportunity to review your site. You are a great addition to the web! Keep up the great work! Please e-mail us with the URL where the award can be viewed, once you have had the opportunity to upload the award to your site. We will then add your site to our winners page with a link provided. If we are not notified by email as requested within 14 days, we assume that you are not accepting the award. Therefore you will not be listed on our winners page. Thank-you for your interest in our Awards Program and Congratulations on such a fine web site. Please link the award back to my site. Chantel, Chantel Graphic Designs
June 6, 2000 Thank you for taking the time to submit your site for our award. Due to the overwhelming requests, we admit there can be some delay before your site is added to our BestSites page. To help make this process move along smoother, we would like to ask that you go to our award page, copy the HTML code in it's [its] entirety to your site, then Email Us the page address that it is posted on. If for some reason that your site does not meet our guidelines for the award, we will notify you as soon as possible, along with a request to remove the HTML code. Our reasons for such a strange request are simple. Once a site has been evaluated, we ask that the award code be posted, then for you to Email us the page it is on. After we confirm that the code is on that page, we add you to our list, and notify you of it. This way we can notify you immediately upon evaluating the site, and your link will be posted within minutes, rather than days or weeks later. Prerequisites for other awards prohibit this practice of storing awards on remote servers, called 'bandwidth stealing'". If I win this award, I reserve the right to store it locally. -John Foster, Texas Precancel Club Page-Up Productions Congratulations on being a winner of our Best Sites Award." Respectfully, CrownPC Services Site Evaluation Team September 14, 2000 "Congratulations, Your site was found to meet the requirments for our award." Respectfully, The WebMaster Crew / Page-Up Productions, Crown PC Award DOWN

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