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#1510. Our Weenerdogs Award - June 12, 2002 Hello John Foster!!
I must admit, I didn't even know that there was such a thing as precancels. Don't really collect much myself, too busy with the dogs!! Anyway, sorry for the rambling!! I would like to present you (drumroll please), with the Golden Paw Award!!
-Website was very nice!!
-Grammer, spelling excellent!
-Nice background color/font contrast
-Navigation bar on bottom of screen got a little confusing, but well made.
-No dead links!
-Very original (first time I have seen a site about precancels, or stamp collecting even!)
I must admit, I tried to decipher the "geek code" but, alas, I failed miserably. I guess I am not cut out for being a geek. Thank you for applying for our award! I will have to fix the trailing cursor. Thank you for pointing that out. I know that when I tested the page, you had to put our mouse cursor in the oddest places to get the fill in boxes to work. Maybe I should leave a note. Please find the award attached, it is in PSF format, so you may have to change that. Please link it back to me, and let me know when you have done so, and I will add you to the "weeners circle". Send me the URL of the page it is on so I can the link to my site. Once again congratulations and have a great day!! Lynn Royea GBA Canada - June 15, 2002 - Hello John, I changed it to GIF Format. I hope this works. Lynn Royea
Our Weenerdogs Golden Paw Award of Excellence

150x250 weenergp.gif
Knowledge College Tutors Award for Excellence 2002

208x158 knowcexc.jpg
#1540. Knowledge College Tutors Award for Excellence 2002 - June 27, 2002 - Hi John, I note your web standards banners which score a plus. It's a very specialised site, but appealing to those who are interested in collections. I love the rail graphic and the way it turns into a web ring. You had too many links for me to look at, but I feel assured they all work. I have just been awarded the level 2 status from Award sites, so you can say that. Please link it to my URL. Let me know where you place the award and I will list you with my winners. Jenny Campbell/Teacher librarian/web page designer
#1581. Rockanova Site Award Bronze - July 25, 2002 - Hi, Thank you for taking the time to apply for an award. After looking at your site I can see that a lot of time has gone into it. There is a lot of very good content in there that is very interesting. As the content is of a good standard I shall award you the bronze award. This means that you get a link from Rockanova site awards. All that we ask is that you display the award on your site. To consider having your site upgraded work needs to be done on the design although this is not paramount as your site is more of an information site but good looks are always nice. Please resubmit your site again anytime. Thanks Again, Matt ]] Rockanova Site Awards Rockanova Site Award Bronze

100x100 rawardbr.gif
Rockanova Site Award Bronze

200x200 rockbron.gif
#1581.ALT Rockanova Site Award Bronze - 2 September, 2002 - Hi, the 1st of September deadline is over and the award on your site has not been changed. Hence you shall be removed from the winners area until the changes are made. As soon as the award has been changed to the new one then you shall be listed again. thanks for your time. Matt ]] SA's
BowWow Meeow Award 140x120

August 1, 2000 - "Thank you for visiting BowWow Meeow! I am proud to announce that you have been chosen to receive the BowWow Meeow award for display on your page. Your site will be added to the 'Lynx and More Lynx' section of BowWow Meeow!" Again, congratulations and great job

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