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#1147. ASR Top Site Award - September 25, 2001 - Hello, Your Web Site is considered worthy to carry The Prestigious ASR Total Web Service's Award. To place the Award on your site, please simply insert this code into your web page, and you will be proudly displaying The ASR Total Web Service's Award. Please let us know when you have placed our Award on your Web Site :) Please invite others to apply.... Kind Regards, Tony Rigby November 30, 2001 [move to 2.0] Hi John, Thanks! That would be great, I hope to fix some things soon, we are in the middle od transferring over to a bigger better server, and a slight change on my application page, so I think I should be able to get better ratings with Award Sites when I'm allowed to re apply. Also then I will be excepted into the Awards Work Sheet. Then it is all up from there :) I have to run, thanks for your email. Kind Regards, Tony Rigby, ASR Total Web Services;

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