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Sealight's 2001 Award of Excellence 120x170
CLOSED 120x170
#837. #838. (Sealights's Designs) Sealight's 2001 Award of Excellence, Sealight's 2001 Best in Design Award - March 1, 2001 "Hi John, Sorry you had a problem getting to the page. I went to see and had the same thing happen to me, but it is working now. Cyberspace...go figure! LOL Thank you for applying for my award of Excellent. You have a wonderful informative site and the design is very well done also. So since your page meets the requirements for both awards I am attaching both. All I ask is that you link both of them back. Please let me know when you have them up and I will add them to my winners page." Thank you. Smiles ;o) Rose aka Sealights May 1, 2001 [Award Sites level 2.5] "Hi, You may move Sealights' Award Of excellence to your rated page." Smiles ;o), Rose, aka Sealights CLOSED
Sealight's Best in Design Award 120x170
CLOSED 120x170
Sealight's 2002 Best in Design Award
CLOSED 130x180 sea2002b.jpg
#1354. Sealights's Designs/Sealight's 2002 Best in Design Award - February 25, 2002 Congratulations! Your site has won Sealights' Best in Design. Please link it back. Regards, Sealights
#1394. Clear Skies Stellar Achievement Award - March 21, 2002 - Congratulations John.... The skies are clear today. We were thrilled with your site. You have worked very hard and deserve some serious recognition. We are happy to present you with this personalized award to show our respect for the time you have taken to create a great internet site. Congratulations again, From Clear Skies, Larry James (owner), Wendy (webmaster) Clear Skies Stellar Achievement Award

300x225 clearste.jpg
dead link
P.A.T.H. Golden Stars Award For Excellence
DEAD LINK 160x100 pathgold.gif
#1596. P.A.T.H. Golden Stars Award For Excellence - August 15, 2002 - John, I write this email to inform you of being chosen for the P.A.T.H. Web Award. It is a privilege for me to attach your award. This is a new award just developed in the last month or two. It is given to those sites that contribute to The web and have an excellent web site. I must say that I was very impressed with the layout, design, and ease of use for your site. At one time I used to collect as well, unfortunately I lost custody of that collection during my divorce. I will also be putting your site on our award winners page. All that I ask in return is for the award to be linked back to our site. Job Well Done! Thanks from The Peoria Area Treasure Hunters! Marty Hoffman, P.A.T.H. Webmaster/Board Member or
#872. Lucadra's Bronze Award for Design Excellence - March 25, 2001 "John: Congratulations - upon review of your site, you scored a 79 which entitles you to a Bronze Award! You are not required to provide a link back, but should you wish, you may link back. FYI-Lucadra's Awards for Design Excellence are rated 2.5 with Award Sites and rated 2 with Paris Excellence Awards." V^^V Lucadra "If you understand, things are as they are. If you don't understand, things are as they are." -Zen Proberb - (Gold 91-100, Silver 81-90, Bronze 71-80) dead link
Lucadra's Bronze Award for Design Excellence 140x250
DEAD LINK 140x250 lucadrab.gif
Birth and Beyond Fabulous Family Site 256x202

#375. Birth and Beyond Fabulous Family Site Award - September 17, 2000 - "Sorry to have taken so long to reply to your application for an award. Usually when I give out an award I have some sort of constructive criticism to offer...but not in your case! Nicely designed site, easy to navigate, full of useful information for those who desire it. Personally, I have no knowledge of or interest in stamp collecting but my brother in law does and I will be referring him to your site.!" Karen {Ianacone} - October 21, 2001 Thank you so much John for the explanation. I did not change my criteria in any way that would influence your award in order to obtain the 2.5 rating. I will be sure to let you know if I do. Your terrific site still qualifies and I would love to be listed in the 2.5 sites section. I would appreciate it if you could take a moment to send me the URL for the award's new location. I keep a record of those so I can check them every now and then. Thanks again and have a great day! Karen
#390. Kewl Site Award - September 21, 2000 - I checked out your page and it was very thorough and well designed. And so you win my Kewl Site award (level 2.5). Christie {Walsh} Kewl Site Award 215x109
AmeriYank's Sweet Strawberry Award of Goodness 200x197

200x197 strawber.jpg
#32. AmeriYank's Sweet Strawberry Award - May 13, 2000 "Hello and greetings! You have been awarded 'AmeriYank's Sweet Strawberry Award of Goodness" Thanks! AmeriYank--the Happy American
May 8, 2000 Hey, you win!!! [Lady Yank's BOO BOO for finding 1 error on Designing Yank and 3 errors on AmeriYank's Graphics Farm] With my lack of typing skills, you may eventually have your own locomotive company. Thanks for your help!! -AmeriYank--the Happy American AmeriYank BOO BOO Award 120x157

120x157 booboomv.gif

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