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TexasCook Excellence in Design Special Award 198x153
#970. TexasCook Excellence in Design Special Award 198x153 txspecaw.jpg - May 18, 2001 - "Congratulations 'New TexasCook Award Winner' Thanks for introducing us to your Great Site. Wonderful layout, easy navigation, interesting and informative content. I've enjoyed browsing the pages. We'd be proud to have our humble award displayed on your site. Due to virus danger, we no longer send awards by email, to pickup your new award from TexasCook.Com please direct your browser. Point your award and be sure to inform us of the exact location when posted, so we can get you on our winners page. (We must know the 'Exact' location of the award before posting to winners page) Thanks again for coming by and applying for our 'Excellence Award' We hope this brings you lots of traffic. An invitation is extended also to add your URL to our: 'EasyWebSearch' 'Free Classifieds' 'Free Links Page' All from the frontpage" The TexasCook.Com Staff
June 1, 2000 "Congratulations! Your site has won Keltic's Award of Excellence. After carefull [careful] review of your site, your site scored high enough to qualify for the award." DEAD LINK
Keltic's Award of Excellence 192x192
DEAD LINK kelticsa.gif
June 2, 2000 "Hi John, I just visited your site and it certainly qualifies for our Great Site Award. We found your site very creative." Thanks for applying. -Linda Laney, M&L Designs DEAD LINK
M&L Great Site Award (stars) 214x178
M&L Great Site Award (lite) 204x146
DEAD LINK mlgrstar.gir mlgrlite.gif
SGD Web Design Award Good Start 115x115
DEAD LINK sgdaward.gif
June 3, 2000 "Congratulations, you have won the SGD Design Award For A Good Start. Your site was easy to navigate and well layed [laid] out, with a great deal of detailed content. However you need to work on the design on the site. Details are listed below. Thanks for your interest in SGD, Tom Chance, SGD Problems with site: -a variety of fonts on each page (try to be consistent with sizes, colours and fonts where possible) - too much variation in widths both in tables and in textx [Texas Text???] especially on front page, gives the site a slightly disorganised look." -Tom Chance United Kingdom
Viduxites Leviathan Silver Award 276x166
June 4, 2000 "Hello! You applied for my's what I think: Presentation 80 - Simple and readable.
Content 80 - Lots of techy stuff and info on precancels.
Originality 80 - I suppose there are not many sites about texas precance stampsl nice onmouseover trick, although in my opinion it makes it harder to understand if you're on a link or not.
Browsability&Replayability 80 - Every browser can enjoy (even Opera), navigation is fairly intuitive and fans should enjoy; site loads pretty fast.
Desirability 80 - Unfortunately I know nothing about stamp collecting (why do stamp images bear 2 black bars??), the faq is interesting though and so is the link to the flags.
Mean score: 80 -> leviathan/king award" Bye, greetz from Italy and good luck with your fan club -Andrew
June 3, 2000 "Congratulation! You get your [Li's Service Site Communications] Award as an attachment." Dance in love and light, -John Germany DEAD LINK
Li's Servicesite Communications Award 207x300
DEAD LINK commjf.jpg
June 19, 2000 "Congratulations!!! Your site, as listed above, has been chosen as a winner of the STORM KEEPER AWARD for June 2000. This award is not automatic. All pages that receive this award are viewed. I was impressed by your webpage and the hard work you put inito your site. Thank you for applying for the award and sharing your site with me." Best Regards, John Storm Keeper Award Jun3 2000

200x247 sk52.jpg
World of Saya Award of Excellence 223x263
World of Saya Award of Excellence citation 201x138
DEAD LINK sayexc.gif
July 6, 2000 "Azram-ni! A little time ago you submitted for an award at The World of Saya. I reviewed your site won my Excellence Award! This because I love the theme and the lay-out of your site. Congratulations! and the certificate (you have to include this, too!). Well, that's all! Thanks for participating and keep up the great work at your site!" Love ya, Ayana, or (derated 7/27/2000)
Graham Nash Bronze Award for Website Excellence 180x105
DEAD LINK granashb.gif
July 19, 2000 "Hi and Congratulations. Our judges have visited your site and cast their votes. Your site attained a points level which qualified same for the award of The Graham Nash Bronze Award for Website Excellence." Again congratulations on a fine job. Brian Garnett, Awards Manager. Australia

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