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#155. Pumpkins on the Web Pick of the Patch Award - June 22, 2000 "Hi John, I have reviewed your site and it gives me pleasure to give you the 'Pick Of The Patch' award. The ease of navigation, design and layout, made learning a bit about stamp collecting an enjoyable experience. Here are two versions, you can pick the one that you fell works best...or post both!!! LOL" -Till next time.... Rock Pumpkins on the Web Pick of the Patch Award 180x244

180x244 pot-2.jpg
dead link
Newtown Cricket Club Bronze Award 75x275
DEAD LINK 75x275 newtownb.gif
#103. Newtown Cricket Club Big Hit Bronze Award - June 6, 2000 "I have reviewed your site and it without doubt qualified for the Newtown C[ricket] C[lub Big Hit] Bronze Award." -Regards, -Brian Mumby Wales
#106. Vicki's Place Webmaster Award - June 7, 2000 "Hello John! Thank you for your interest in my awards! I have viewed your site and it is with great pleasure that I present to you my [Vicki's Place] 'Webmaster Award'! Your hard work shows on every page and you are certainly deserving of this award. Once again, thank you for applying and congratulations on your hard work!" Regards, -Vicki [Wicker] :) (rerated 3.0 8/16/2000 apply Excellence 8/16/2000 moving to new home, awards will be delayed) Vicki's Place Webmaster Award 150x150

150x150 vickwebm.gif
Jules Gold Award 219x185
CLOSED 219x185 julesgol.jpg
#249. Jules Gold Award - July 31, 2000 "Congrats John, Your site impressed me so much you qualify for my award. The design and layout is great. Also easy navigation of which I like. You've done well with your site. I can see you have worked hard on it and it shows the effort. Keep up the great work!" Have a nice day! Jules Australia
#119. Son of Thunder Silver Award - June 9, 2000 "Congrats! You've won the Son of Thunder, Ink. SILVER award for outstanding web design! Many apply, few win any awards. [Bronze less than 25% Silver less than 15% Gold less than 10%]" -John Garner dead link
Son of Thunder, Ink. SILVER Award for Outstanding Web Design 243x31
DEAD LINK 243x31 thunders.gif
SmartNewYorker Smart Site Award

150x176 snyaward.jpg
#1530. SmartNewYorker Smart Site Award - June 20, 2002 - Congratulations you have been awarded the smart site award for web design and navigation. You will find your award attached. If you decide to display it on your web site please link it back. Thanks for making the web a better place and good luck. John Bishop, SNY Web Judge,
#233. The Untitled Award for Sites That Don't Suck - July 25, 2000 "hi there. Sorry to take so long about getting back to you on this, but you've won the Untitled award, because your site doesn't suck. Now, the critique: Although I confess myself utterly uninterested in stamps, unless I need to mail something, the content of your site seems useful and complete, and a good resource for precancel stamp collectors in any state. Your site navigation was certainly functional, and reasonably easy to figure out. However, I found the color bars and fancy rollovers to be bright and disturbing - I'm just not comfortable with cyan-on-whyte. Maybe I'm broken or something. And in general, your pages feel cluttered - either too many elements on a page, or not enough blank space between them. This is especially apparent on your index page. I'd normally try looking in Netscape, but alas, Netscape is not working on this macnine so I'm stuck. [Too bad. Netscape shows only black bars. -JCF] Anyway, there's my arbitrary opinion. I hope it was useful." cheers, Lady Ebola (derated 7/27/2000 rerated 8/16/2000) Lady Ebola Award for Site that Doesn't Suck 150x100

150x100 untaward.jpg
dead link
Latrobe City Award est
DEAD LINK 196x236 latrobe.jpg
#138. Latrobe City Award of Excellence - June 15, 2000 "Hi John Congratulations on winning your award [Latrobe City Award for Excellence] have put together an excellent site and we consider it to be a worthy contribution to the Internet...Thank you for your application and would appreciate a link to our site..." Thank you, Ben Claassens, Australia
#785. Globemaster 2001 Bronze Award - 27 April 2001 same citation - February 8, 2001 as NR - GlobeMaster 2001 Award Bronze - "Hello John, Congratulations! I thank you for inviting me to visit your site on the web. I enjoyed surfing your site, your work is very good. It is with great pleasure that I give you the 'Bronze Award'. Vote: 55/100. You can insert the 'bronze award' in your site as a symbol of beautiful graphic and contents. If you accept this award, please notify me when you have posted the award in your site. I will add a link to your site in the winner's page. Please insert the award only in the premiated site and do not alter the award's code in any way. Congratulations, I wish you continued success into the future!" {Nunzio} WebMaster: C.N.V., The GlobeMaster Web Site Italy GlobeMaster 2001 Award Bronze 125x125

125x125 award301.jpg
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Patricia Skin Care Bronze Award 2002
DEAD LINK 208x205 pscbronz.gif
#1522. Patricia Skin Care Bronze Award 2002 - June 17, 2002 Congratulations you are a winner of one of our "Web Site of Excellence" awards. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to review your site for an award. You have a wonderful site and you are a great addition to the web. Please email my with the URL where the award can be viewed, once you have had the opportunity to upload the award to your site. I will add your site to our winners page with a link provided. Thank-you for your interest in our Awards program and Congratulations on such a fine web site! Your award is attached to this email, please link this award back. Do not resize this award. Sincerely, Patricia, Patricia Skin Care

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