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Cosmos Award 330x246
DEAD LINK cosmos.jpg
June 2, 2000 John: You recently won my ONE OF THE BEST Award. This email is to advise you that I have changed my award in appearance. I now also offer three levels of awards and have applied for an upgrade on ratings. The highest level is the COSMOS AWARD. I am attaching this award to this email. -Astropop (rerated 8/9/2000 2.0 -> 2.5) reawarded August 15, 2000 John: Many're right up-to-date!
August 15, 2000 Congratulations, you have received the [Booshwak] Liquid Silver Award. Best Wishes, Booshwak dead link
Booshwak Liquid Silver Award 86x74
DEAD LINK 86x74 liquidsi.gif
August 3, 2000 Dear Mr Foster, Congratulations you have won the Bronze Award. To proudly display this honour, you may place the following code onto your page. You may copy the bronzeaward.jpg to your server to speed up loading time. Our comments on your website can be found on the Bronze Winners Award pages at If you have corrected any of the suggestions, or at a later time you consider you have made the appropriate improvements, please resubmit. Who knows, it may win the Gold Award. Once again, well done. With regards, The Team Bronze Award 200x200

Booshwak Liquid Silver Award DOWN
247x186 vj_texas.gif
August 17, 2000 Hello John: Thank you for the opportunity to look at your website. After viewing your page, I would like to inform you that you have qualified for my Best Web Design. It would be an honor to display my award on your site. Congratulations for a site Well - Done! All Best Wishes and God Bless youm, Victor Jesús Cadena Gastélum dead link
Ladyses' old Award of Excellence 228x236
DEAD LINK ladysess.jpg
Ladyses' new Award of Excellence 220x220
August 18, 2000 John - Congratulations! I would be honored to present you with Ladyses' Silver Award of Excellence. I found your site to be nicely designed, informative in content, easily and uniquely navigated, showing a good foundation of coding knowledge and technique. I will be requesting an upgrade in rating in Mid-October from FOCUS Associates Award Sites. My old program was rated 2.5 so I hope that my new and improved program rates the same or higher. At this time the new program is retaining the rating of 2.5. If a new rating is established I will inform you so that you can categorize the award appropriately. I also had someone redesign my award graphic which wasn't available at the time you applied for the award. You are one of the few people who were caught between programs. Therefore, I have included both my new and old award graphics for you to have/choose from. You can display both if you would like. You earned them! Thank you so much for applying and making such a positive contribution to the web! Sandra [Staten] (Ladyses)
July 20, 2000 Congrats! You have a great site! Our judges were really impressed with your efforts to make an awesome website! You're [Your] site received some very high marks. Great content, originality, and layout. Thanks or [for] applying, and congrats. (Blue 3*** Greatness 2nd level 4.0 - 8.0 points, also offers Gold 3*** excellence 1st level 8.0 - 10.0 points & Red 3*** Hot Site 3rd level 1.0 - 4.0 points) 3 Stars of the Web [Blue] Award for Greatness DOWN
249x172 gzonebl3.gif
May 31, 2000 Hi, We enjoyed our visit to your site and wish to award you with the [JB@Trinidad & SOL/Borde Global Impact Designs] GOLD Award. JB@Trinidad & SOL/Borde Global Impace Designs GOLD Award

193x122 jbgoldaw.gif
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Pat's Cats Web Wonder Award 125x180
DEAD LINK patcatwo.gif
August 22, 2000 Humans are animals. -JCF in reference to 'about animals' Too true! Apologies for the delay in replying - huge computer problems! Hope you like the award. Best Wishes, Chris (United Kingdom) Doc Jim's Brite Lite Award 202x161
July 31, 2000 - Following a careful review, Texas Precancel Club has won 'Doc Jim's Brite Lite Award.' Display it with pride. You've earned it. Again, Congratulations! Doc Jim [Lynn Paulo (Enterprises)] Dr. James C. Bouffard (rated 2.5 8.23.2000) August 25, 2000 Dear Mr. Foster, Thank you for your re-application. Your award-winning presence for 'Doc Jim's Brite Lite Award' has been validated as 2.5 rated. The award itself was not changed. You may place it on the 2.5 rated page if you wish. Thank you. And again, congratulations! Sincerely, Doc Jim We fight agains schemes and scams; and for humanitarian causes.

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