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#1020. Fire Heart Bronze Award - June 14 2001 "Hello John,I have browsed through your webiste and I have been impressed by the amount of work you obviously have invested in it. The layout is very pleasant and the navigation is easy...a very good site indeed. It makes me regret that I have thrown away my stamp collection years ago..;0).I am sending you my bronze awards as requested and adding you to my winners page. Please link the award back." Thank you for applying! {Marie} Fireheart FireHeart Bronze Award

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Vaughan's Visions Golden Web Award
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#1062. Vaughan's Visions Golden Web Award - July 21, 2001 - John, I see that you are sort of an 'Award Seeker' as well as precancel collector. But in viewing your site I see nothing out of order and the site has good overall content. It meets our current criteria for a Gold Award. So here we offer you our gold award. You can link back to us but it is not required, Best of luck in your award seeking. Sincerely, Frances July 25, 2001 Yes, your site does qualify for 2.5 rating... Frances, Vaughan's Visions

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