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JerryD's Golden Jewel Award 156x128 DOWN
JerryD's Music Site Golden Jewel Award #799. jerrjewe.jpg requires score 80/100
February 7, 2001 - Welcome to JerryD's Online Awards Program, CONGRATULATIONS, Your Web site has been awarded the Golden Jewel Award with an evaluation score 100/100. Dear John Foster, Your site is listed in the winners gallery No. 11. You may download all the awards, but please only download the one's you plan to place on your site. Your webiste has given much pleasure to my review Panel Members during the review process and we were impressed with the standard of quality you provided for viewing. We are fully award that much time and effort goes into the creation of websites and we hope that you view this Award as a reflection of your achievement. We thank you for inviting us to visit with you and for your assisting through your website to make the World Wide Web a more pleasant area. PLEASE NOTE: It is MANDATORY under our Award Criteria and regulations that the Award issued be direct linked back. Again, CONGRATULATIONS and thank you for the pleasure your webiste has given to my review Panel Members during our visit to your site. Regards JerryD (JerryD's Music Site JerryD's Golden Jewel Award for Outstanding Design 227x192 DOWN
JerryD's Music Site Golden Jewel Award for Outstanding Design #800. jerrdesi.jpg requires score 85/100
JerryD's Artistic Award 148x148 DOWN
JerryD's Music Site Artistic Award #801. jerrart.gif requires score 85/100
JerryD's Diamond Award 160x157 DOWN
JerryD's Music Site Diamond Award #802. jerrdiam.jpg requires score 90/100
JerryD's Elvis Music Award 191x203 DOWN
JerryD's Music Site Elvis Music Award #803. jerrelvi.jpg requires score 80/100
JerryD's Golden Unicorn Award 211x222 DOWN
JerryD's Music Site Golden Unicorn Award #804. jerrunic.jpg requires score 100/100
JerryD's Jesus Award 2000 156x191 DOWN
JerryD's Music Site Jesus Award 2000 #805. jerrjesu.jpg
JerryD's Treasured Site Award 174x163 DOWN
JerryD's Music Site Treasured Site Award #806. jerrrtrea.jpg requires score 90/100
JerryD's Year of the Snake Award 170x159 DOWN
JerryD's Year of the Snake Award #807. jerrrsnak.jpg requires score 85/100
February 19, 2001 - Hi John, Just to let you know I have 4 more new awards you might like. Let me know if you like them, there's no need to apply. Here they come!!! JerryD (JerryD's Music Site) JerryD's Webs Classic Site Award 280x185 DOWN
JerryD's Music Site Webs Classic Site Award #811. antclass.jpg requires score 90/100
JerryD's Classic Site Award 280x188 DOWN
JerryD's Music Site Classic Site Award #812. phclass.jpg requires score 90/100
JerryD's Sportmans Web Award 280x170 DOWN
JerryD's Music Site Sportmans Web Award #813. sportman.jpg requires score 90/100
JerryD's Sportmans Web Award alt design 229x148 DOWN
JerryD's Music Site Sportmans Web Award #813. alternate design swordsa.jpg requires score 90/100
dead link
Professor Fikle's Un-Award for Something Different
DEAD LINK 140x100 pfsd.gif
May 18, 2000 you got poor Professor Fikle on a double-wammy! Before visiting you I didn't know the difference between a Precancel Stamp and a Procancel Stump I also didn't realize confusion could be an artform! But I LIKE IT! I had great fun checking out your Navigation Legend and particularly appreciated the You are here arrow. Every site should have one!!
I just wish I could blow up this award to ten times its size, because you really deserve a huge award for Something Different. I'll visit again and again. Keep up the great work! Respectfully, Professor Fikle

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