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Kimmy's Atheist Site Silver Award

154x131 kimmysil.gif
#263. Kimmy's Atheist Site Silver Award - August 15, 2000 - John: Congratulations! You have won Kimmy's Atheist Site Silver Award. (also offers gold) You were actually very close to the Gold Award, so if you make upgrades to your site, feel free to reapply. To give you areas to work on: The layout on the site seemed a tad unbalanced, most particularly on the home page. Also you might consider a background color, even a very mild one. All that white is a little rough on the eyes. Anyway, those are just a couple of suggestions. I'm sure you're constantly working on your site, as I am. Once again, congratulations! Great site, wonderful information. Kimmy [Kim Shultz] "Mankind is his own hero, his own victim, and his own judge"
Demeter Award of Excellence 150x175

150x175 demetere.gif
#760. Demeter Award of Excellence - January 31, 2000 - "Hello John, Congratulations!! I appreciate the way your site continues to evolve in a positive manner each time I visit. I am happy to present you with your award. I would appreciate it if you linked the award back to our site. Please send us a reply that you received the award and add your site to our winners list. Thank you for your interest in our awards program, it was a pleasure to visit your site..:)" Best Wishes, Sue
Brides of Kane Visionary Award 2000 200x151

200x151 bok2000.jpg
#52. Brides of Kane Visionary Award 2000 - May 23, 2000 "Hello! Thanks for applying for my "Visionary" award. It's clear that you have worked long and hard on your site, so I'm happy to offer you the [Brides of Kane Visionary] award [2000]." -Thanks! Storm
Heavenly Cookies Great Start Award 150x150 150x150 heavgrea.jpg
#762. Heavenly Cookies Great Start Award - January 31, 2000 - "Dear John, I'm proud to once again present you with a Heavenly Cookies award. The Great Start Award only began two weeks ago, so I can honestly say that you are the first to recieve [receive] it. As before, is you wish you may link it back." Wishing you continued success, Kim
Hawaii City Aloha Award 100x125 #56. Hawaii City Aloha Award 100x125 aloha-aw.jpg May 24, 2000 "We have some great news concerning your recent submission for the Aloha Award. All of us agreed that you truly do have a interesting web site with quality content. The Aloha Award is not an easy award to win. That is why this award is seen so infrequently. Proudly display the Aloha Award to let others know that your Web site is informative unique and has won this prestigious award." -Congratulations and Aloha! -Kealoha, Leilani, Bruce and Steve, Hawaii City - Web Masters
Lauren's Excellence in Web Design Award 236x141

236x141 laurexce.jpg
#31. Lauren's Excellence in Web Design Award - May 13, 2000 "After visiting your site, I find it meets the criteria for Lauren's Excellence in Web Design Award 2000. (Rated 3.0) The Texas Precancel Club website was very easy to navigate and useful. I also appreciated your FAQ, because there are a few of us (myself included) who do not know what the word "precancel" means. :) Keep up the good work," -Lauren
iNet Gold Award
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145x45 txinet.gif
#59. iNet Gold Award - May 25, 2000 "Congratulations! Your web site, Texas Precancel Club, has won the iNet Gold Award! Your site is extremely well-designed and executed and the content for Club members is well-chosen, easily accessible and current. I know it must be quite a job to keep up with things, but you have done an admirable job. Outstanding work. Thank you for inviting me to visit your wonderful web site." Karen Pimtzner, Petal Perfect Mosaic Gallery
One Nation Under God-GOLD Morris Excellence Award
AWARD CLOSED 222x236 croftg.gif
#190. One Nation Under God-GOLD Morris Excellence Award - July 14, 2000 "We are honored that you would request our [One Nation Under God - Morris Excellence] award. (90+ points) Please accept it and thank you for your contribution to the web." -The Morrises (also offers 2nd level for 75-89 points)
Texas Precancel Club Award of Excellence 200x200 #400. Texas Precancel Club Award of Excellence 200x200 tpcex200.gif April 26, 2001 self-reawarded - September 23, 2000 [Award Sites 2.5 since 11/29/2000] - "George P. Crofton designed this award at the same time he came up with some logo enhancements to our home page. He reworked it later to fit into requirements of 200x200 and left space for personalization (and serial numbering). I am awarding general excellence and "interesting" content, not "run of the mill" or haphazard sites. I'm not trying to be too difficult, but this site more than qualifies for its own award. (Many don't.) The site should be easy to navigate. The site must be prepared in an attractive manner and pleasing to the eye. There must not be any pornographic or X-rated content. I will award foreign sites. I'm looking for presentation to an audience, which doesn't have to be in English. There is one special requirement: Your website HAS TO RUN ON THIS 486, my most restrictive machine. Mine does. I have a small cache. I will even clean it out before I start, but it won't take much to fill it up and hang my browser. Large amounts of Java or flash can present problems. Cursor changes and mouse trails can keep me from clicking on your buttons. I do not object to these things personally, but if they cause problems, or there are too many "annoying factors", I can't review your site. Please go to the criteria page for further clarification and to e-mail your application: ../awardc.htm John C. Foster, webmaster, Texas Precancel Club November 29, 2000 rated at 2.5 with same criteria

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