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#912. Lecktronix Website 101 Silver Award - April 18, 2001 - "Congrats. Your site has been reviewed and has received our SILVER AWARD !!! Your sites smooth layout and great content make it an ideal choice to be included in our directory. Keep up the good work !!! After you place the code - go to our award winners URL and click add URL. Fill out the add url submission form. In the Reciprocol Link Box, put the EXACT URL you added the award. Then fill out the Description Box with your sites description. Remember it is required to post the award somewhere on the site,but a link to our site is optional (but appreciated)." Thanks {Chris Leckness} Lecktronix Website 101 Silver Award

75x150 lecktros.jpg
#918. SpikeArtStudios Silver Award sssjfoo8.gif - April 20, 2001 - ""A specialized hobby site for precancel stamp collectors... Precancels are a whole 'other' specialty." Gosh, I'll say! Of course I have always known that stamps and collectors go together, what I did NOT know was that they could be presented in such a way as to be found fascinating! This site is full of information, the design is easy to navigate and the webmaster's passion for his hobby is obvious! Thanks, SAS. Your award is attached to the body of this email. If you choose to link back to us, please use the following url- Thank you again for letting us view your site." SpikeArtStudios Spike Art Studios Silver Award

175x175 =sssjfoo8.gif
BodyByBull Web Design Bronze Excellence Award

120x98 bullb.jpg
#934. BodyByBull Web Design Bronze Excellence Award 120x98 bullb.jpg - April 30, 2001 "Congratulations! I pleased to present you with the Bronze BodyByBull Web Design Excellence Award. I found your site to be most informative with a very nice layout. You are listed on my 'Winners' page with a link back to your site. Thank for applying and again, congratulations." Sincerely, Jennifer Demers May 17, 2001 "Hi, My criteria and standards are no different now than they were before the rating, so go ahead and list it in that section. Your site would still easily qualify for the Bronze award. I was going to email past winners over the weekend, but you beat me to the punch." Thanks and good luck. Sincerely, Jen Demers Dina's Web Excellence Award

150x75 dina2exc.gif
#988. Dina's Web Excellence Award - May 27, 2001 "Hello! Thanks for checking out my site and applying for my awards. Our Judge Committee has visited your wonderful site. We all liked it so we present you 'web excellence' award. Congratulations on a job well done! Thank you for making Internet more interesting and attractive place to visit. If you'd like to reapply for my awards you're welcome to do it in 30 days. Please, provide a link back to my site. And let me know when you post an award on your page so i can add you to my winners list." Goodbye! ~Dina~ {Tokbaeva}
#1078. Assess Risk Merit Web Excellence Award (also offers Gold,Silver,Bronze) - August 8, 2001 Dear John, Many thanks for allowing us to review your interestig site. At this time we are unable to offer you the award you applied for. However, since your application, our awards program was updated, which does enable to offer you a merit award. We hope that you will accept this and look forward to hearing from you again in the future for possible upgrades. All the best, Wendy Sears, Webmistress Assess Risk Merit Web Excellence Award

120x131 assessm.gif
#1045. Alundain Content Award - July 5, 2001 "English sites, read here. Sitios en español, leer debajo de este párrafo.
Greetings!!!! You have postulated your site for Alundain's Awards Program, and I'm glad to grant you the 'Contents Award' for the included and represented material at your pages. Please accept this award, is a honour for me to give you this mention. Your site will be included in the Winner's list in the next update, this Saturday afternoon. You can pick the graphic and place over it the link." Congratulations, and warm regards from Argentina, Fabiana Kofman, Alundain's webmistress
Saludos!!!! Has postulado tu sito para el programa de Premios de Alundain, y tengo el agrado de ororgarteel Premio al Contenido por el material includo y presentado en tus páginas. Por favor, acepta este galardón, es un honor para mí el brindártelo. Tu sito será incluido en la Losta de galadores en la próxima actualización el Sábado próximo. Puedes returar to gráfico y coloca sobre él el enlace." Felicitaciones, y afectuosos saludos desde Argentina. Fabiana Kofman, Webmistress - Alundain
Alundain Content Award
DEAD LINK 179x139 alundain.jpg
Celtic Celebration Award Order of the Wolf

122x169 order_wo.jpg
#1068. Celtic Celebration Award Order of the Wolf - July 31, 2001 Dear John, Thank youfor your interest in our awards program and congratulations for a job well done. Your website has be chosen to be awarded the Celtic Order of the Wolf for an outstanding website. I have always wanted to get into stamp collecting but I have never found the time to get started ... they jsut seem to go out with the I have a small paper money collection that I am enjoying. I really enjoyed your sit when I am able to get my collection start I will know where to come for resources. Bye the way I really appreciated your lighting fast load times!!!! Again congratulations, Sincerely, Joshua Davis Catshark Award of Merit

179x250 cm_tpc.jpg
#1073. Catshark Award of Merit 2001 (also offers Gold,Silver,Bronze) - August 3, 2001 The Evaluators for the Catshark Awards are pleased to present you with our Catshark Merit Award for 2001! We greatly enjoyed our visit to your site and wish you continued success! Again, we feel that an award is a gift freely given. It is not required for you to link back to us, but we thank you if you chose to do so. Please le me know when you have received this, so I am sure you got it. I have already added you to our winners list! Again Congratulations fromme and my evaluators! Graceful Catshark
#1001. Bingocards By Me Silver Sphere Award - June 4, 2001 "Your site scored enough points to win the silver sphere award !!!" Bingocards by me Silver Sphere Award

125x125 silversp.jpg
#1217. Bingocards By Me Golden Globe Award - November 8, 2001 "Your site scored enough points to win the golden globe award Please link it. Please add your link to the winners list. Thank you for entering - May 11, 2001 "Your site has scored enough points to win the golden globe award Please link it. Please add your link to the winners list. Thank you for entering Bingocards by me Golden Globe Award

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