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French Natural The Boudour Award for Artistic Excellence 420x270
DEAD LINK award #618. frenchex.jpg
December 1, 2000 French Natural The Boudoir Award for Artistic Excellence - "Greetings, Thank you, I have checked your site. And I am pleased to award you the excellence award, which was graded a .long time back by focus at 3.0-I have to get all my awards upgraded. Your site is very unique and very nicely done, it is easy to navigate and very elegant too. The subject of your site is very interesting. Kindly pick up your award within 7 days." Thank you. Rahman, Brigitte Arlette December 14, 2000 "Greetings, The Artistic Excellence Award is rated at 3.0 at Focus Associates. We are listed under L for Le Salon Des Awards. We were rated as such because I moved my program from another site to a separate site, to make it easier for people to apply. And yes, you can apply for other awards, my entire program is rated for the moment at 3.0. Your site is really beautifully done, and with great precision too." best regards, Brigitte
January 2, 2000 Les Salon des Awards previously French Natural - French Natural Lys (Blue Word) Award - "Greetings and Happy New Year, Your award is ready. You may resize it if you wish. Advise when this is posted." Best regards. THE FRENCH NATURAL, by Rahman, Brigitte Arlette dead link
French Natural Lys (Blue Word) Award 220x220
DEAD LINK award #676. frenlys.jpg
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French Natural The French Marquise Award 420x287
DEAD LINK award #713. frenmarq.jpg
January 12, 2000 - (French Natural) The French Marquise, Harlequine, The Henna Party Awards - "Greetings, I visited your site again and still find it fascinating. Please collect your awards. Let me know when they are up so I can add you to the list of our winners." Happy New Year, Brigitte
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French Natural Harlequine Award
DEAD LINK award #714. 136x192 frenharl.jpg
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French Natural The Henna Party Award
DEAD LINK award #715. 320x254 frenhenn.jpg
Award #1091. (French Natural) Ashes of Your Words Award - August 22, 2001 - Greetings John, forgive me for the delay in the reply but I was on a trop. I see that your page keeps grpwing strong and healthy. Your ashes of worlds award is attached. Wishing you well, brigitte dead link
French Natural Ashes of Your Words Award
DEAD LINK 420x320 ashwords.jpg

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