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Southern Nytes Award of Excellence 185x224
DEAD LINK sne62000.jpg
June 5, 2000 [Award Sites Level 3.0 since 5/24/99] Congratulations!!! Your site, as listed above, has been chosen as a winner of the SOUTHERN NYTES AWARD OF EXCELLENCE for June 2000. This award is not automatic. All pages that receive this award are viewed. I was impressed by your webpage and the hard work you put into your site. Your site will also be eligible for the Bronze, Silver and Gold Sites of the month--which will be awarded later this month. Best Regards -John DwnSouthLdy Pearls of the Web Award DOWN
June 6, 2000 [Award Sites Level 3.0 since 5/17/99] Your site is wonderful!!! I enjoyed the hospitality you offered and my visit very much. With much pleasure, I am sending you the url for the [DnSouthLdy] Pearls of the Web Award. Congratulations, and best wishes. -Vicky
June 6, 2000 CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL 7 WINNERS OF OUR AWARD...Greetings All -7- WINNERS...This kind of sounds not personalized to each of you, but this is the way I chose to do this at this time. Mostly I and my wife send out the winning letter personalized. In other words one letter to each winner. Now then with that out of the way...On to the good stuff... First of all I want to say a few things. Out of -14- applicants, you -7- showed us just exactly what we are looking for, maybe someone else would think differently. We have been doing this for about a year and 1/2 now, we've seen many sites; Some good, some bad, and some well...I'll leave it at that. I'm the co-owner of Walkers' Business Support Services. I am the creator of our award, The Johnny Lightning Award for Web Page excellence I'm also the Webmaster for the web site. My wife has given me the authority to send out the award and letter. [HTML request enclosed...table and border] Congratulations! You have won 'The Johnny Lightning Award for Web Page Excellence'. Johnny Lightning is a nick-name given to me from one of my co-workers of where I work. Because of the speed and accuracy that I put forth in getting my assignments done. The 'Double Lightning Bolts' pictured in the award, is a rare phenomenon of nature. But when used in this award, it exemplifies your 'RARE AND PHENOMENAL WEB SITE'. And we feel your site deserves this award for all your hard work that you put into it. Your site is well done and easy to navigate. It is nice to see that someone as yourself takes pride in their work. Your site is a definite contribution to the Internet as a whole. We will return to your site from time -to- time to visit, when our time permits. Again 'CONGRATULATIONS & ENJOY' Surf Safe & Surf Cool, -Kornelia Walker, Owner of Walkers' Business Support Services, Web Site Awards Judge -->AND<-- John L. Walker, Co-Owner of Walkers' Business Support Services, Web Master / Web Site Designer, Web Site Awards Judge
Johnny Lightning Award for Web Page Excellence 263x130 DEAD LINK wbssjpit.gif
June 9, 2000 We are all equal, one, tegether...Because, The Cosmos is within us...We are the Cosmos! You have won Abhijit's Planet Bronze Award. [gold 90-100 silver 80-89 bronze 70-79 merit 60-69] -Abhijit Abhijit's Planet BRONZE Award 200x200
June 8, 2000 Thanks for your submission, you've won the explosive content award. While your content isn't controversial or shocking, it is encyclopedic on precancel stamps and very well done. Thanks for you[r] submission. Thanks Again, -The Angry German Kickin' ass and eatin' glass since 1979. This isn't your typical garbage personal site, dammit! Also home to the Alliance of Quality Message Boards. Angry German's Explosive Content Award 137x102 DOWN
Excellent Web Site Award-GOLD Homeland Arabians 225x300 homeareg.jpg
DEAD LINK homeareg.jpg
June 12, 2000 Hello there! I have just finished reviewing your site and I really liked it! I think you did a marvelous job with all the mouse overs and it really has its own feel to it! I throughly [thoroughly] enjoyed my visit and I am pleased to award you my gold [Excellent[ Website Award. [95-100. Silver 95-94. Excellent 75-84.] Jennifer [Baker] June 14, 2000 - Oh yes, I still fell your site qualifies regardless of my rating.... I used the same rating/judging system as was supplied to Awards Sites for review to rate my site. You're site is still excellent and worthy! Have an awesome day, I will add you to my winner's list soon. -Jen :-) J.J.'s Critics' Choice Award for Web Excellence 191x245
September 3, 2000 J.J.'s Critic's Choice Award for Web Excellence - John, We have reviewed your site. You will find a write up in the new winners section of your awards program. I thank you for your efforts. J.J.s Poetry Of Courage, jj oakley
July 21, 2000 John Foster, This is what your site scored as a result of our judges:
Design 25 points
Creativity/Graphics 20 points
Content 20 points
Navigation 5 points
Loading Time 8 points
total points= 78
Congratulations! You have won the Shadow Poetry Creative Award (2nd level: 75-89 points) for your site. Again congrats on your site award. Marie & TimeShadow, Shadow Poetry
Shadowpoetry Creativity Award 150x126
June 11, 2000 Dear John, Thank you for submitting for the Golden Apple Award. We reviewed your site and found it to be very original, not to mention quite innovative! Your site is very well organized and definitely creative. Your site met or exceeded our expectations to qualify for our golden award! We enjoyed surfing your site am sure everybody else will enjoy this site, too. Again, Congratulation on a Job Well Done!, -G.Castro & GDS Staff July 30, 2000 - Dear John, The Gloden [Golden] Award has been upgraded to a level 3 around July26th. Your site should also change the rating to reflect a level 3 award. Thanks, GCastro & GDS Staff Global Design Software Golden Apple Award of Excellence 138x200

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