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- Nature Flame Bronze Web Award - October 12, 2000 - You have won your Nature Flame Bronze award. CONGRATULATIONS!!! sincerely, Nikola, president of company (also offers Silver & Gold) Nature Flame Bronze Award 150x113
award #457. naturefb.jpg
September 17, 2000 - stwebfx Webmaster's Bronze Award of Excellence - Dear John; We have carefully reviewed your web-site and have chosen your site to bear the stwebfx (Source Technology Web Effects) Webmaster's Bronze Award of Excellence. Congratulations on a job well done. (gold 136-150 silver 116-135 Bronze 80-115) Dawn Rintoul October 15, 2000 Dear John, I apologize for the delay in my response. We have re-certified your site with our 3.0 rating. I am pleased to award you with our Bronze Webmasters Award of Excellence. If you would like to upgrade your award in the near future, we would be more than happy to review your site. I can tell you that you are very close to a silver (don't normally tell people, but I just wanted to help you out). Hope this helps. Take care! Kindest Regards, Dawn Rintoul stwebfx Webmaster's Bronze Award of Excellence approx 115x200
award #374. stwebfxb.jpg
Excellent Web Site Awarded by [Gerlindes] Candle Creations GOLD 242x210
June 15, 2000 - "Congratulations! Your site has won our GOLD AWARD. We have found that the content of your website to be interesting, the layout of your site was eye appealing as well as easy to navigate. Your hard work has earned you this award." -Karen, Webmaster
Miss Monica's Award for Fantastic Websites 249x163
DEAD LINK monicfan.gif
August 15, 2000 - I have just reviewed your site. With an overall score of 49 (35 or over), you have earned the Fantastic Award. Here are the details of your score. Load time 15. Design -ease of navigation 4. -consistent look & layout 5. -text readability 4. Content -originality 3. -quality 4. Technical -alt, height & width attributes 5. -runs smoothly in Netscape and Internet Explorer 10. -broken image -1 (at the bottom of the main page) Your site has no interactive features and would benefit from a guestbook, opinion poll, free for all links, or something else that will engage them while they visit your site. Thank you for applying for one of my awards. Congratulations; you earned it :) Monica interactive features 0 (also offers Excellence for 60 and over and Special Exemption for 85 and over; other categories offered with different scoring system)
August 15, 2000 Hello, Your site was recently nominated for a Golden Apple Award. These awards are presented by Ever Eden Design, based on a variety of criteria. After reviewing your site, we'd like to present you with the following award: 'Ever Eden Design Cool Site Award'. Congratulations! Ever Eden Design Staff Ever Eden Design Cool Site Award
176x119 evedcool.gif
August 19, 2000 After review of your website according to our review guidelines, I am happy to announce that your website has won the TOP 5% award! We have already included your website in your Winner's List. Again, my personal congratulations on winning the TOP 5% award and I wish you continued success with your website and the pursuit of online achevements. Sincerely, Dave Elliott, Contest Administrator, MnetWeb Services - A Place for Everyone - DEAD LINK
Mnet Top 5% Award Ranked for Website Superiority and Innovation
DEAD LINK 100x100 mawd.jpg
jennifer's imagination Coolest Homepage Award 300x250
#422. jennifer's imagination Coolest Homepage Award 300x250 lgcool.jpg - October 1, 2000 - Jennifer's Imagination Coolest Homepage Award - "Hello there! Your site is still great. I have discontinued the old award program as I made a new website and purchased my own domain. Please accept my cool award from there. Also, I am awaiting a new rating by Award Sites.... I hope I am allowed to keep my 3.0 or upgraded. If I am upgraded or rated 3.0, I will send you the gold award for my new site. Keep up the good work! Please link to and visit the new site!" Jen {Baker}
Harbeson Bronze Award 139x200
May 26, 2000 Hey John, ni9ce [nice] site, your hard work shows. Thanks for the application, you've won the bronze medal. As a recent winner of a Harbeson and Associates Design Medal [today] I am writing to let you know we have been upgraded to Award Sites! Level 3.0. Many of you post your winning awards according to Focus Ratings and I thought you might want to know of our good fortune. Thanks. Will Harbeson
June 22, 2000 "Congratulations! Your site has earned Ritchie Secretarial Service's Bronze Quill Award For Excellence. Your Website is well organized and fun to visit. Your code and graphics are very nice. Thank you for applying for our awards series." -Kathy Ritchie, owner, Ritchie Secretarial Service. Website Awards Worksheet:RSS Awards; Awards Sites:Quill Award for Excellence Ritchie Secretarial Service [RSS] Bronze Quill Award 161x182 brzquill.jpg
September 5, 2000 "Congratulations! Your site has earned the Ritchie Secretarial Service, Silver Quill Award For Excellence. Your content is great, your design is outstanding and overall a superb site. Your hours of effort shine brilliantly and show a Job Well Done. Congratulations again. Look to be listed on our Winners Page soon. Thank you for giving Ritchie Secretarial Service the chance to review your excellent site. Kathy Ritchie Owner. NOTE: Great job on the updates! Keep up the good work!" Website Awards Worksheet:RSS Awards; Awards Sites:Quill Award for Excellence Ritchie Secretarial Service [RSS] Silver Quill Award 166x178

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