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September 9, 2000 Hi John, Sorry for the delay in sending you up-dated Gold Award. Thank you for your patiences, take care. -Brenda [also offers silver and bronze] dead link
Sir George's Golden Paw Award
DEAD LINK 200x200 sirgeogg.jpg
September 9, 2000 Axel Jacob Ice Dragon Very Cool Site Award - Hello from Germany and Congratulations ! our review team has decided to present the 'Ice Dragon Award 2000' to your site. We would be honored if you would accept it. All requirements are met. Loadtime was good, layout, graphics and navigation as well. We have found no broken links or images. You offer many things of interest and we would like to thank you for your invitation. We enjoyed out [our] tour through your pages very much. Congrats again. With kind regards, have a wonderful weekend Axel, Webmaster, Axel's Homeworld Axel Jacob Ice Dragon Very Cool Site Award 180x260
dead link
Latrobe City Silver Award 146x178
DEAD LINK 146x178 latrobes.jpg
September 16, 2000 Latrobe City Silver Award - Hi again John, Thanks again for applying for our have improved your site considerably, congratulations...please find attached our 'Silver Award'. Web desing [designing] is a never ending story is'nt [isn't] it? We change our site constantly as our ability improves, after all, it is all a learning process...however a very enjoyable process. Thank you again for your application. Ben Claassens (Australia) dead link
Latrobe City Award for Excellence 153x193
DEAD LINK 153x193 latrobee.jpg
September 21, 2000 Latrobe City Award for Excellence - Hi is the other award you wanted....full marks for asking :)) Ben {Claassens} (Australia)
July 17, 2000 reawarded, originally awarded June 12, 2000 at Level 2.5 [0.5 point - Award Sites Level 3.0 since 7/5/2000] Zanavon Excellence Award - Congratulations!! I have visited your site and find that it qualifies for my Excellence award. [Level 2. Level 1 is Zanavon 2000. Level 3 is Cool Site Award.] Your site was indeed as [a] pleasure to visit. Your page layouts were particularly nice. You truly have shown the worldwide web a touch of excellence. Per your request you are entered in my Best of the Best - Monthly Award -Mary R. Dougherty July 17, 2000 Just because my rating has increased a little does not mean my recognition of a great site has. You are still excellent in my book. !! Zanavon Excellence Award 253x194
September 18, 2000 Zanavon Silver Award 2000 - Congratulations on the Silver!! I have visited your site on several occasions and find that it qualifies for my Silver Award (3rd level)(1st level:Best of the Best, 2nd level:Gold). You truly have a vision. Your content as well as your design are pleasant and worth rewarding. It reflects your hours of planning and dedication toward making the internet a more interesting and informative experience. Again...congratulations!! Mary R. Dougherty Zanavon Silver Award 162x183
May 14, 2000 Heart as big as Texas Award Hi John, Loved your page! And love that Texas accent! LOL Enjoy! -LadyJ Lady J's Heart as big as Texas Award 290x265
May 25, 2000 [Lady J's] Crusader of Causes Award Hi John, I love the changes and additions you've made to your page! Isn't it amazing how quickly our page grows and changes? I started out with a mere 4 pages on my site that has now ballooned into over 150 pages! Amazing! But I love webdesign...just wish I had discovered this passion years ago. *grins* Your page is much easier to navigate now and I love the look...very precise and clean. Bravo my friend! Hugs Wishing you love and sunshine, -LadyJ Lady J's Crusader of Causes Award 300x262
Lady J's Creative Design Award 240x234
August 3, 2000 Hi again John, Your site just improves in leaps and bounds! It was very good to start with...but even better now. I love your navigation system and I also like the news of changes and new things on your site. I find your site very creative and very informative. You have a lot to say....and say it well. Congratulations John! Wishing you love and sunshine -LadyJ Love wasn't put in your heart to stay. Love isn't live til you give it away. Lady J's Gold Web Perfection Award 300x222
September 20, 2000 "Hi John, Of course my friend! It is yours! Your site is great and deserves much recognition. LadyJ

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