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#494. September 20, 2000 "Thank you for applying for my award. After reviewing your site, I am pleased to present to you, Carla's Creations Award of Excellence. There is also a form on this page to fill out if you would like to have your site listed on the Award Winners page. You MUST fill out this form IF you want to be listed on my site with the other award winner's [winners] of my award. Congratulations on a wonderful site and if you need any help getting the award, please let me know." Yours truly, Carla dead link
Carla's Creations Award of Excellence
DEAD LINK 140x225 carlaex.gif
dead link
Alternative Shopper Global Elite Light of Knowledge Award
DEAD LINK 150x222 alshelit.jpg
#524. (Alternative Shopper) Global Elite Light of Knowledge Award - October 28, 2000 - Congratulations! You have a fantastic site and are of about 1 in 25 to win our award. Best Regards ; Lee Strain
October 23, 2000 Supasonic Personal, Commercial Awards - "Congratulations on your score of 75.6 out of 80 points. Your site is truly a Supasonic Personal (and Commercial) Site. I have enclosed your awards as an attachment to this e-mail. Feel free to use either award or even a text link of that would suit your site better. I do not mind if you would like to resize the award. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to review your site. I am sorry that it took a little while to do. The site is huge. I will put a link to your site in the list of the winners within the next two days. Here is the score sheet in case you would like the [to] review it. --Supasonic Sage and Crew. All judges: Content/Appearance: (20 possible points), Visual Appeal, Layout, Load Times, Use of Graphics, Quality of Photos, Clear Purpose, Spelling and Grammar, Absence of Repetitiveness, Quality of information, Do we feel like we have gained something from your site? Score: Judge#1: 19 points, Judge#2: 18 points, Judge#3: 19 points. We liked to see all of the pictures that you have of the different stamps. We didn't even know what a precancel stamp was untiil we went to your site! The navigation was nice, and it loaded really fast. We check everything on a current computer with DSL connection, but also on a 486 laptop (Sage's baby-- she did most of her website on that thing) and it loaded really well on both. Judge#1: Technical (Html, Java, etc.) 20 possible points, Error free scripting, Proper HTML, Meta tags/titling, Frames/no frames content, Cross browser compatability, Alt tags, Quality of Compressed Images, Navigational aids, Score: 20 points. Judge#2: Ease of use (20 possible points), Interactive features, Quality of Links, Does not crash browser, Well defined information, Information relevant to the average person, ease of Navigation/No dead ends, Score: 18 points. Judge#3: Design Elements: (20 possible points), Color Combinations, General Page Layout, Lack of unnecessary frills, Appropriate and well placed advertising, Font size /readability, Artistic Skills, Lack of premade buttons and/or animated gifs, Professional appearance, Score: 19 points. Total score: 75.6." Supasonic Personal Award

award #506. 108x144 ssperaw2.jpg
Supasonic Personal Award 144x144
144x144 ssperawa.jpg
Supasonic Commercial Award 108x144
award #507. 108x144 sscomaw2.jpg
Supasonic Commercial Award
144x144 sscomawa.jpg
DRH Design Honor for 2000 65x100

65x100 drhs.gif
#353. DRH Design Honor for 2000 - September 10, 2000 - "Congratulations, You have been awarded the DRH Design Honor for 2000. Comments: Overall Appeal, It is good to hear from someone else in Texas. I have never heard of a pre-cancelled stamp, but, thankfully, I invented an award that people like, so I get to find out about all sorts of things. I appreciate your time and effort in putting a large sight [site] like this together, and introducing me to something new. Congratulations, you have been awarded the DRH Design Honor for 2000." DRH Design, Thank you, The Hoover's Homepage, David R. Hoover November 22, 2000 "You must have heard about my rating before I did.... I feel tht your site would still qualify for the Honor award under the 3.0 rating. I appreciate that you inquired. I also have a new web site that mirrors the old one...It is an easier site to remember, if you want to update your link. I have already changed it with Award Sites." Thanks, David, DRH Design
This website received the Ladder54 Firefighters Gold award for website designLadder54 FirefightersLadder54 Firefighters Website Awards

November 6, 2000 #545. #546. Ladder54 Firefighters Gold Award for website design - "Wow, that's quite a collection. We're glad to provide you our two top awards. Thanks again for applying and receiving our awards. Take Care :)" November 23, 2000 "Hi John, The 3.0 is our level of award provisions. You have our top awards so that would be the same." Craig === NOTE: Both of these awards have two hot click area targets, one for the home page and one for the awards page. === This site received the Ladder54 Firefighters Excellence award 135x178Ladder54 Firefighters AwardsLadder54 Firefighters
#1019. Killgore's Bronze Award of Excellence "2001 - 2002 KILLGORE'S AWARD OF EXCELLENCE: RESPONSE FORM Hello to our Friends at Texas Precancel Club Whether you have won the 2001-2002 Award of Excellence Gold, Silver or Bronze or Merit awards. Or you were not chosen to win one of the awards. I would like to thank-you for taking the time to submit your website for my review! YOUR RESULTS { } Gold { } Silver { X } CONGRATULATIONS! Your site has been reviewed and given the 2001-2002 "Bronze" Award of Excellence. SCORE: * Below you will find the award, plus the results of your evaluation! Plus your site will be added to my winners list ASAP! { } Merit { } I am sorry. Sites may be re-submitted up to every 2 months. POINT SYSTEM Points Will Be Deducted 5 At A Time! LOOK: The colors, logos, background, artwork, etc. 20 POINTS. FEEL: Are the pages easy to navigate, organized. 20 POINTS. ERRORS: Are there Java errors, broken links, missing graphics, spelling mistakes. 20 POINTS. ORIGINALITY: Use of your own artwork, graphics, buttons, logos ect.... 20 POINTS. IMPRESSION: When i first saw your site did i like it! 10 POINTS. CONTENT: As long it is more than one page. You have 5 points! 05 POINTS. SPEED: Does your site take forever to load? 05 POINTS. TOTAL: 100 POINTS. *** GOLD AWARD = 90-100 POINTS ** SILVER AWARD = 75-85 POINTS *** BRONZE AWARD = 55-70 POINTS ** MERIT AWARD = 40-50 POINTS ** SCORING RESULTS: LOOK: WOW! Graphics are a bit plain for my liking. I guess pink is not my color. :) 10/20 POINTS. FEEL: Navigation was a bit confusing you have links all over the place. 10/20 POINTS. ERRORS: None that i noticed! 20/20 POINTS. ORIGINALITY: Nothing realy [really] jumped out at me. 10/20 POINTS. IMPRESSION: 5/10 POINTS. CONTENT: Tons! 05/05 POINTS. SPEED: Vry fast! 5/05 POINTS. TOTAL: 65 **** ALL DECISIONS ARE FINAL! **** Thank you for Applying For My Award! Killgore {Pete} Killgore's Bronze 2001-2002 Award of Excellence 200x100

200x100 killgb.gif
#273. Squidley's Top Navigator Award - July 12, 2000 Congratulations, your website has been chosen a Winner of the 'Top Navigator Site' Award!! Your index page has already been added to the winners list with your score. John J Ledbetter a.k.a. Squidley (rated 3.0 8/2/2000) August 17, 2000 Congratulations !! I have thoroughly re-reviewed your site and feel that your website deserves my upgraded Steel Web Site award. Keep up the good work and have a safe and prosperous millennium! Bob's Mighty MIDI dead link
Squidley's Top Navigator Award 181x135
DEAD LINK 181x135 navawrd.gif
dead link
Doug's World Cool Site Award 110x140
DEAD LINK 110x140 dwcaw.gif
#646. Doug's World Cool Site Award (2nd level) - December 14, 2000 - "Hi John, Congratulations...After doing a thorough review of your site I am pleased to say that I enjoyed my visit with you very much. You've done a good job in the creation of your site and at this time I am awarding you with my Cool Site Award. Please continue to share your special gift the way you do! I have attached your award and will be adding you to the winners page A.S.A.P.. Take care and have a great a day!" Sincerely: Doug {Lang}, Doug's World (also offers 1st level Web Page Excellence and other 2nd level Creative Design, Beatiful, Inspirational awards)

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