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#658. British History Bronze 2000 Award - December 22, 2000 - Congratulations, you have won the British History Bronze Award. This award is given to outstanding Web Pages and recognizes the hard work that was put into the development of your web site. My compliments on a job well done! The British History Award has been rated a Level 3.0 from AWARD SITES! Regards, Graham {Day} British History Bronze 2000 Award 106x146

106x146 brithisb.jpg
APC Web Development Excellence Award 2002

156x113 apcw2002.jpg
#1328. Advanced Programming Concepts/APC Web Development Excellence Award 2002 - February 4, 2002 - Congratulations on winning our APC Web Development Excellence Award!!! This e-mail is your memo of recognition and commendation (including positive compliments that you can quote for marketing purposes). Site-specific reasons for winning the award: Nice four-position nailhead navigation, consistent design, variable logo strips and subsection graphic banners. Your site has been carefully evaluated and our judges feel that it meets ALL of the criteria necessary to win the "Advanced Programming Concepts Web Development Excellence Award." NOTE: This web development award is ONLY awarded to sites that meet all of the criteria. It is NOT a me-too award that is given out to anyone that applies for it. By receiving this award, your site is certified as a legitimate leader in web development excellence using advanced programming concepts in design, coding, or graphics. Congratulations! Award Committee, Advanced Programming Concepts
#505. October 23, 2000 - Top Ten Candidate Award - Hi John, Thanks for your message! I've added you now to this page with 504 awards. At the moment you are number 14. Congratulations again! Best Wishes, Ulrich {Leive} Top Ten Candidate Award 200x220
200x220 tttx1.jpg
Top Ten Award

260x170 toptena.jpg
#1146. September 24, 2001 - Top Ten Award - Hi John, Congratulations on your birthday and above all on becoming a member of the *REAL* TOP TEN! I have added your site last Saturday, perhaps you have noticed it already. Soon you will receive the special personalized award, however, please be patient, eventually it could last a week or so. Best Wishes, Ulrich {Leive} [from award designer] October 8, 2001 Dear Ulrich & Joschi, dear John, finally the well deserved awards for *Texas Precancel Club* Congratulations and welcome to the *TOP TEN* on behalf of *Manjushri Mandala*, Ireland. Well done! Again, my apologies for the delay. Hans and me hope to complete the redesigning of our awards-section [IAS] as soon as possible. We also look forward to finally see it updated and online again :-) Bear with us ... Wishing You all a good week, Tom & Hans
#311. Oklady43's Award of Web Excellence - August 31, 2000 You've gotten this because your site met my requirements for web excellence. You made me say 'WOW' or 'NEAT' or even wonder how you did that!! :) I have started a new page, listing all of my award winners and want to add your site to it. (We're on page 4 of winners now) :) Please put it where everyone can see it. Show it off !!!! You earned it!!! Once Again Congratulations! Sincerely, Peaches dead link
Oklady's Award of Web Excellence 210x225
DEAD LINK 210x225 lady6991.gif
dead link
Happy Hornet Bronze Award
127x127 hhbronze.gif
#1572. - Happy Hornet Bronze Award July 19, 2002 - The Happy Hornet Website Award Program Formerly, The Veterans "Lest We Forget" Website Award Program Rated: 3.0, AS. 2.0, ARC, 8.5, Webs Awards, Hello John, Congratulations!!! I have reviewed your site in accordance with my current set of criteria. I am pleased to award you The Happy Hornet "BRONZE" Award. Your site displays outstanding design, creativity, and imagination. The excellent use of graphics and fonts combined with the educational and entertainment aspect make your site a excellent contribution to the World Wide Web. Should you choose to accept, no link is required, however if you wish to attach a link, the URL is posted below. I have you and your site placed on the Happy Hornet "BRONZE" Recipients Page with a link back to your site. Thank you for participating in my award program. Have a good day. Gary S Champe, a.k.a. Bear, United States Army Retired
"You have never lived
Until you have almost died
Fort those who have had to fight for it.
Freedom has a meaning
Some will never know"

May all your LZ's display green smoke!!! - July 24, 2002 - Thanks John and may move it. Bear
#559. Quality Site Award for 3rd Quarter 2000 - November 13, 2000 - Dear Webmaster: Congratulations on winning the Quality Site Award. Your site was submitted recently and our judges have determined that it is worthy of praise. *** You must email us once the award has been placed on your page in order for us to list you [your] site as a winner. If you do not email us, you will not be listed on our home page. This is very important. *** With great enthusiasm, Scott Clark, Executive Director, The GetAccess Network January 10, 2001 GetAccess Award Winner, It is our pleasure to inform you that The GetAccess Award program is now ranked 3.0 by Award Sites. This is a great honor for us. These awards are more sought after than ever before. As an award winner, you now have an award granted to you by a prestigious program. You can change your site to reflect our new status by updating your links and/or graphics. If you categorize the awards you have won by rank, please move our award to the 3.0 section. If you have not placed the award on your site or have lost the graphic for any reason, please email for instructions. It is our committment to bring you the highest quality award programs. We are gearing up for one of the biggest pushes in your history, so resubmit your site for an upgrade soon. The GetAccess Network thanks you for your participation and looks forward to seeing your site prosper. dead link
Quality Site Award 100x138
DEAD LINK 100x138 qsa_3q.gif
Joschi's Award of Excellence 200x220
200x220 exceljo.gif
#272. Joschi's Excellence Award - August 17, 2000 - Hi John, Thanks for your application! My little dog JOSCHI and I, accompanied by another *human* judge, have just visited your site, and we all agree that it meets or even surpasses our criteria for an award. It is full of interesting content, combined with a clear navigation and a pleasing design. It is obvious that you put a lot of hard work in building such a site. So it's an honor for us to award you with Joschi's *Award of Excellence*. Congratulations! The award is rated Level 3.0 by *Award Sites!* Enjoy the award, and do as you please with it. Good luck for the future and your endeavor to become a member of the *Halls or Recognition*, we conclude this from the way you've managed your awards index. We are sure you will reach this goal soon! Thanks again and best wishes! Ulrich [Leive] and JOSCHI Germany
#724. Joschi's Family Site Award - January 15, 2001 Dear John, To say it again, Joschi's *Family Site Award* is not intended as a *Family SAFE Award*, but OK, sometimes it can be given award for *family activities* ... such as stamp collecting...I am convinced! So you have won Joschi's *Family Site Award* for presenting a site which can be good for family activities. Congratulations!: Sorry for the delay, however, I hope your wait was worth it. It is my pleasure to send you my Silver Award. I hope you will display it on your site and please remember to link it back to my site. As you probably know, the award is rated Level 3.0 by *Award Sites!*. Enjoy the award, and do as you please with it (we'd appreciate a link back but by no means do we demand or expect one. Best wishes, Ulrich and JOSCHI Germany Joschi's Family Site Award 200x220

200x220 famawd2.gif

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