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Sugar 31 Great Site Award 100x150

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#168. Sugar 31 Great Site Award - June 29, 2000 [Award Sites Level 3.0 upgraded 6/14/2000] - "I want to thank you for asking for my new award I am happy to send you my Great Site Award. I can see what a great job you are doing with your site and all the hard work you have done. Thank you for letting me view your site." -Hugs, Kathie sugar_31
#737. Sugar 31's Web Design Award - January 16, 2000 - Hello, Thank you for letting us know about the guest book. We wanted to send you one of our newer awards, you have done such a wonderful job on your site, keep up the great work you are doing." Sugar 31's Web Design Award 239x174

Leigh's Corner Heart and Soul Award DOWN
200x200 heartand.jpg
#776. Leigh's Corner Heart and Soul Award - February 2, 2001 Leigh's Corner Heart and Soul Award - "Dear John, Thank you for applying for one of my awards! I have had the pleasure of visiting your site, and found it to be very well designed, and loaded with helpful and informative content! It is obvious to me that you have, indeed, poured your heart and soul into your web site! So, it is with great pleasure that I present to you my 'Heart & Soul Award' (Award Sites! rated 3.0) You will find it attached to this email. I have added your name and that of your web site, along with a link back, to my Winner's Conrner. Again, thank you for applying, and best wishes with all future endeavors!" Sincerely, S. Leigh Marin
#778. Quality Tattooz Bronze Award - February 5, 2001 - Hi John, Recently you applied for my Quality Tatooz General Site Award... I would like to present you with my Bronze Award for your great efforts. If you decide to accept my award...could you please link it and also email me with the url of where i can find it...I will then add a description of your site and link to your page on my winners page...If you have trouble recieving [receiving] the award with this email then please let me know and ill let u know of a URL to find it. You're [Your] site is very impressive...easy to navigate...set out and designed well and lots of information to be found...Unfortunately you picked a very tough month to apply and the competition was also very impressive...Congratulations again and i hope to hear from you soon...Keep up the great work!" RaGe dead link
Quality Tattooz Bronze Award
DEAD LINK qtbronze.gif
dead link
Angelsnote Bronze Award
DEAD LINK 130x140 angelsnb.gif
#746. Angelsnote Bronze Award - January 21, 2001 - "Congratulations, After thoroughly reviewing your site, I feel that your site deserves my Bronze Award. I really did enjoy visiting your site...keep up the good work! You should find your award attached to this email, if for some reas it is not please let me know, I have added your site to my Bronze Winners page. I do not require a link back to my site, although if you would like to it would be greatly appreciated. The only thing I do request is, that you do not alter the award graphic in any way, when placing it on your award page. Within the next seven (7) days, I ask that you post the award to your web site, review your listing for accuracy and notify me, when all is in order. If you do not notivy me that you have posted the award within the next seven (7) days, I will assume that you do not wish to accept this award and your site will be removed from the winner's list. Thank you for inviting me to visit your wonderful web site!" Sincerely, Teresa {Thompson} February 21, 2001 "Hello John, I changed your url on the winners page, as for the 3.0 the Bronze you received was evaluated on that level as the criteria was the very same, I have just been waiting to hear from Award Sites as to my rating, so you may change it to the 3.0 rating." Sincerely, Teresa Thompson, Angelsnote's Award Program
#1698. External Funds Compass Gold Award - Dear Mr. Foster:
We would like to congratulate you and the Texas Precancel Club on a fantastic website. Not only are the graphics, content, navigation, and programming excellent, but more importantly, it is extremely educational and entertaining. After having said that, Allan and I, the evaluators of the External Funds Compass Award program, are pleased to bestow upon you and the Texas Precancel Club the Gold Compass Award. Attached to this e-mail is the award graphic which we hope you will proudly display on your website with a hyperlink to our URL. Furthermore, Allan and I were so taken aback by the beautiful and enlightening website that you have so meticulously produced and maintained, that we have taken it upon ourselves to place a vote for you in the UWSAG Seal of Approval Nominee program. Thank you very much for applying for our award. it is websites like yours that prompted us to establish the External Funds Compass Award program.
Best Wishes,
Stephen Erlandson
External Funds
External Funds compass Gold Award

129x159 ef-gold.gif
Pacoima Ranch Vision Award

160x160 pacranch.gif
#1710. - Pacoima Ranch Vision Award - Hi John Foster, Wonderful site--the exact type we started the award for !!! Amazing content !!! You may select an award graphic.
Mike [Michael Dana Murphy]
Senior Jurist
Vision Award
#371. ANIMATED Shari's Corner Elegance Award - September 14, 2000 John, I am very pleased to send you my Elegance Award. Your pages are very nice! Sincerely, Shari Shari's Corner Elegance Award

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