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#1626. Nebulous Bronze Award - September 1, 2002 - Dear Sir: I would like to Thank You for applying for The Nebulous Awards© Program. It has been an honor to have had the chance to evaluate your website for one of my awards. I must inform you that my evaluation of your website is based on what your website scored compared to my Criteria. I do not suggest that you alter your website in any way due to my evaluation of your website. Therefore, it is with great pleasure to award your website with The Bronze Nebulous Award©. Your hard work and dedication to your website has definitely not gone unnoticed! Should you accept this award, it is not required to link it back. But, if you would like to the address you will need is listed below for you. Your website name and link to your website will be listed on the Bronze Winners Page for 2002, for all to see and visit! Wishing you the best of luck with your website endeavors. Sincerely, Tony Bucaro, Owner/Webmaster Nebulous Bronze Award

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#845. (Touch Of Love) Perfect Balance Award, (TOL) Family Safe Logo (not award) - March 5, 2001 "Good Eveing, The award letter I sent you was returned so I decided to try to send it again from your site. I hope you recieve it this time. Please let me know. Thank you, Dee AWARD LETTER Thank you for applying for the TOL (Touch Of Love) Awards. As you know there are many awards available on the internet and so many sites apply for each and every award they see. The TOL Awards are not given to just any site that ask for it. Each award must be earned! Please note that the Family Safe Logo is 'NOT' an award, but your site has been reviewed for this rating. If you should be rated for the Family Safe Logo and wish not ti display it please inform me. You are not required to accept this logo as a condition to apply for or accepting an award from TOL. This is an family safe rating only. I am pleased to inform you that your site has been approved for the following award/logo: Perfect Balance *Upgrade, Family Safe Logo. Should at anytime as part of the condition of having these awards/rating, should your site become unsafe for any reason you will be asked to remove it immediately. From what I have seen from your site I don't think that will ever happen. (smiles) Awards Available: Perfect Balance, Excellence, Achievement, Nobility, Family Safe Rating: Must be 100% Family Safe (NO Exceptions) Touch Of Love (TOL) Awards has been rated 3.0. Again Congratulations!" Dee
#80. (A Perfect World) Sit and Entertain Me Award - May 28, 2000 "Congratulations! Your site is the winner of the [A Perfect World] Sit and Entertain Me Award. Thanks for showing me a great site!" Linda Causey Sit and Entertain Me Award 275x150

A Perfect World E-commerce Excellence Award 150x150

#844. (A Perfect World) E-commerce Excellence Award - March 4, 2001 "Your site has been chosen to receive A Perfect World Award. Your site is a winner of the E-commerce Excellence Award. This week I reviewed 20 sites and 5 sites received awards. If you are collecting Award Sites! (AS!) points, A Perfect World Awards have a 3.0 rating and the awards are worth 1 point. Thank you for letting me know about your great site." Linda Causey

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