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#1517. Huub Crapels Gold Award - June 15, 2002 - Dear John, First of al i want to apply back. Second you did a hell of a job to make this information sharing with al the people over the world. I was wondering your are a member of the most respectable website judge, can you maby assist me to improve my award program ?? ;) i can read englisch german and ofcourse dutch. You deserve a award i included to this email and wil ad you to the winnerslist Regards and may god bless you, Huub Crapels, Please link back to my site !! July 10, 2002 - Hello John, I understand what you mean but you fit al the criteria, so i wil send you a gold award , rated as AS! 2, please put it there , good luck whit your site, and when the time is right for me for a upgrade for me, let me know please !! Friends, Huub / offers 1st level Best of the Web, 2nd level Excellence, 3rd level Gold, 4th level Silver, 5th level Bronze
December 4, 2002 - Hello John, I just came from your site, since I did not change my criteria you may place my award under my new rating levels, AS 3.0, WA 9.0, UWSAG 2.0, EAI 2, OAI 3. This has notting I repeat notting to do with my reapplication, also I send you a smaller version from my Gold Award. Take care and have a nice day. Huub
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