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    #1589. - Vie's Inn of Wonders Bronze Award - August 10, 2002 -

Congratulations, After reviewing your site, we, the staff of Vie's inn of Wonders, decided to grant you our Bronze award... I found it truely fascinating to learn so much about stamps...And the site clearly shows the dedication you put into it.... Keep up the good work and enjoy your award! As allways we like you to link back the award to us... Best regards, tony duthoo Belgium

- October 13, 2002 - Congratulations!! We, the Staff of Vie's Inn of Wonders' Awards, hereby re-confirm the Bronze Award, this according to the current criteria.... You may now move the award image to the rated award section. May I ask you to check the link back to us? Congratulations and enjoy your award! The Staff.

- October 27, 2002 - Notice... We, At Vie's Inn of Wonders' Awards have improved our award images... You as winner of one of our awards, have now the option to replace the old image with the new one, if you choose so. This is not an obligation, nor is it a new award! (so replacing is necessary if you want to use the new one...) If you choose to do so, an e-mail back is much appreciated. Kindest regards, The Staff

- January 18, 2003 - Dear John, as announced before, the new changes into a 4-level award system are now complete. Texas precancel club doesn't have for the moment, enough points to even get the merit level... We are hereby forced to ask you to remove the award completely from your site (the award is located at page 30c7g1) Though we still believe that with the suggestions incorporated, the site does have successfull re-application possibilities. As we are expecting our AS! rating upgrade soon, this could be an opportunity for you too. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

posted ethics paragraph from site:
We agree to evaluate web sites under the Criteria which was in place at the time of any and/or all application(s). If changes are made to Criteria AFTER application(s) is/are received, the submitted site(s) will be evaluated using the Criteria that was in effect when Applicant(s) initially submitted the site(s).

March 7, 2004 - Old winners
NOTE: The winners listed below are granted under the old scoring system, and they decided not to be put under the more stricter scoring system currently in use. For this reason they are also not counted in our statistics page. We like also to point out that these winners have special status, outside the normal procedures, and are fixed on their levels.

March 8, 2004 -
John, Your bronze award is now reinstated... An old winners page is created with a note explaining the difference between that and the other winners. I apologize sincerely for all troubles this has caused. I hope that with this all is cleared out, and that is returned to a more normal view. regards, Tony Vie's Inn of Wonders' awards

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