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#1195. SurfLocal Excellence in Web Business Silver Award - October 27, 2001 - Congratulations. SUrflocal is pleased to announce your site has been reviewed and you have won our Excellence in Web Business Silver Award. The sites are judged on design, navigation, e-commerce solution, functionality and overall development. We spend a lot of time reviewing sites and not all make the grade. You have done a great job, keep up the good work! Thank You, Trinity Prescott Surflocal Excellence in Web Business Silver Award

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#1422. SurfLocal Gold Award Promote Local Business - April 20, 2002 - Hi- YES. Your site still qualifies for our Silver Award after we were Award Sites rated. In fact, I would like to upgrade you to a GOLD award. Your site has improved substantially since we last evaluated you. CONGRATS! Please pick up your new award graphic. We appreciate but do not require that you place a link with your award. We appreciate your submission! Trinity Daviann Prescott, Senior Webmaster, Surflocal USA April 24, 2002 - Hi- I just recieved my new rating today. You still meet our criteria at the 3.0 level with your GOLD award. I appreciate your inquiry. You have a very nice site. Surflocal Gold Award Promote Local Business

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Kristi's My Many Worlds Silver Global Award

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#1654. My Many Worlds Silver Global Award - November 17, 2002 - Thank you for applying to My Many Worlds Global Award Program. We are please to announce you have won the Silver Award. This award is given to outstanding Web Pages and recognizes the hard work that was put into the development of your web site. Thanks for helping make the Web a more interesting, fun and attractive place to visit. My compliments on a job well done! A link back to me is not required but appreciated. Kristi

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