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May 28, 2000 Webgraf Cool Site Award - "Congrats! Your site has been visited and reviewed and is [Webgraf site of quality] 'Cool Site'! Please feel free to proudly display this award anywhere on your web site. We wish you all the success in the world with your website." webgraf staff [Italy] Webgraf Cool Site [Italy] 169x96 or

award #78. webgraf.jpg
October 5, 2000 Webgraf Top Gate Award - "Congrats! Your site has won 'Top Gate' Award! You are done an excellent upgrading with very good content, and navigation. Well done, and keep up the great work. Thanks for helping make the Web a more interesting, informative and attractive place to visit." webgraf staff [Italy] Webgraf Top Gate Award [Italy] approx or
award #434. awgtop.jpg
dead link
[Webkor] Millennia Script 2000 Web Award for Site Excellence
DEAD LINK 119x150 millenni gif
#147. June 21, 2000 "Congratulations on receiving the [Webkor] Millennia Script [2000 Web] Award for Site Excellence! Your site has been judged and deemed worthy of our prestigious award! We enjoyed your layout and design, and overall the site is quite professional looking. Great job! We wish you the best of successes with your site in the future!" Best regards, Millennia Script Award Staff, Sponsored by WebKor International,,,,, Circus World Bronze Award

114x128 circuswb.jpg
#163. - June 26, 2000 "Hi John, Congratulations for being chosen as a winner of Circus World's award. After careful consideration I have decided to present your wetsite, Texas Precancel Club, Circus World's [Gozo] Bronze Award. I have spent [a] considerable amount of my time reviewing your site. My awards are not easy to win. You have done a great job creating your webite. Thank you for submitting to my award's program. I mainly look at design, layout, and most important, content. Texas Precancel Club certainly fits all that I look for. I want to wish you continued success with your website. I apologize for taking so long to get back to you. Sometimes I have so many submissions and it takes a while to review a website. I really liked the way you have the mouseover colors set up. Very interesting." -jan s., Circus World rerated 4.0 8/16/2000 reapply after 90 days.
June 29, 2000 "Your site has won the 'ArtPro of the Web Award'. Your site is excellent! Keep up the good work and again, Thank You for applying!" -Sincerely, ArtPro Web Design ArtPro of the Web Award 141x142

award #167. artpro.jpg
MMSeekers.Com Creative Award 162x200mmseeker.gif DEAD LINK #127. MMSeekers Creative Award June 11, 2000 [Award Sites Level 3.5] "We here at are happy to announce that yoour website has won our Creative Award. After we received your Award application, we visited your website, reviewed your information and concluded that your website is a High Quality page in both design and service offerings. Based on the fact that we here at enjoyed your website, we would like to offer our Creative Award for display on your Website. Again, Congratulations today on winning our Creative Award, and please stop back by and Sign our Guest Book when you get the time." -Myron & Marilee Miller, - Where the World Shops
Bob's Steel Web Site Award 164x163

award #278. steelaw3.jpg
August 17, 2000 August 17, 2000 "Congratulations !! I have thoroughly re-reviewed your site and feel that your website deserves my upgraded Steel web Site award! Keep up the good work and have a safe and prosperous millennium!" Bob's Mighty Midi, Member of CEM - Website Valuator Code of Ethics
August 22, 2000 "Congratulations! We have reviewed your web site and felt it deserving of our 'Private Eye Excellence Award!' You have obviously worked hard on your location as we considered it in the 'top 5%' of all sites reviewed by our three member panel of judges. Since we began our program over 5,000 web sites have been reviewed and there have been only 300+ winners like you. If possible, place our graphic on your first award page or in a prominent location. This is not required, just requested. After you have loaded the award on your site return this entire message and we will add you to our Hall of Fame. Remember we select our GOLD Site of the Week on Sundays so good luck!" Thank you and take care, Michael Chaippellie, Director of Investigations, TACTICS Private Investigations(R) Private Eye Excellence Award 95x157

award #286. pvteye.gif
#293. Tritia's Gold Award of Excellence - August 23, 2000 "Congratulations John Foster! It is with great honor that I present to you Tritia's Gold Award of Excellence. Texas Precancel Club has made some exemplary additions. Inasmuch as already being well designed, with ease of navigation and fast loading, your site offers a great amount of substance, in conjunction with your remarkable expertise as a collector of precanel [precancel] stamps. Texas Precancel Club is an obvious role model of web excellence to the Internet Community. Thank you for the opportunity to reevaluate your website. As before, I enjoyed my visit immensely." Best Wishes, Tritia dead link
Tritia's Gold Award of Excellence 116x190
DEAD LINK 116x190 tritiexg.jpg

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