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#320. September 3, 2000 - Aardvark Archie Cool Site BRONZE Award - "Congratulations... Aardvark Archie is pleased to award you our 'Cool Site' BRONZE award for your website. The Cool Site Award is made to web sites who's [whose] intention is to provide the visitor with useful and informative content, with extra credit given to good design, decent graphics, ease of navigation and fast loading times. As your site scored over 75% against the overall judging criteria, I am pleased to present you with the BRONZE Award. (also offers Gold and Silver). Thank you for allowing us the pleasure of visiting your website and good luck in the future." Cheers, Archie Aardvark Archie's Cool Site Bronze Award 120x100

#338. September 7, 2000 "Hi John, Thank you for applying for the iNet Award! I am pleased to inform you that your web site, 'Texas Precancel Stamp Club', has won the iNet Bronze award! Congratulations! Besides displaying the basics of quality web site design, your site has content to spare. Your ingenious approach to your site (i.e., the color coded navigation) certainly makes it a pleasure to surf. A visitor always knows where they are and what they are about to see. Your content is rich and extremely well-written. All in all a job well done! Keep in mind that this program, besides now being rated 3.5 with Award Sites! and 4-Stars with Paris Excellence Awards Club, is now a three-level program. The previous program sponsored by Petal Perfect was a one-award program with little criteria. To achieve an award at any of the three levels of this new program is not easy and proves that your web site is among the best that the Internet has to offer. Thank you for inviting me to again visit your wonderful web site. I wish you mich success with it." -Karen Pimtzner, Petal Perfect Mosaic Gallery DEAD LINK
iNet Bronze Award
dead link 96x167 inetb.jpg
Thu Merit Award 130x130 #933 Thu merit award thumerit.gif April 30, 2001 "Hi there, we had just finished reviewing your site. It was very nice and fun experience for us, the judges. We would like to thank you for making the Internet a better place. Pages like yours are rare in the Net. This e-mail contains the result of your site submission for awards at the Thu's Awards Program.

First of all, we would like to congratulate you if you are a winner. If not then, please do not be disappointed. You can improve your site and apply again. Here are your scores for the categories stated in the Scoring System of our Awards Program.
Content ---> 26%
Design ---> 22%
Functionality ---> 15%
Others ---> 6%
Total ---> 69%
With your total score, you have won an award. You have won the - MERIT AWARD. Our scoring is very tight and you still had made it and won an award. That's truly wonderful, isn't? Pick up the correct award. Linking back is not necessary but we need you to reply us to tell us whether you accept the award. If you to not wish to accept, please ignore this message. If you wish to accept, please reply to us within 14 days. It will be helpful if you state in your message whether you will display the award on your page. Anyway, thanks once again for inviting to your site and making the Internet a better place..." On the behalf of the judges, Thu Yain
Thu Merit Award 190x160
#933ALT Thu merit award old design thumerio.gif
#356. September 10, 2000 "Dear John, We have some great news concerning your website's submission for A Puppy Place's Award of Excellence. All of us at A Puppy Place agreed that you truly do have an outstanding Web site with quality content and design. The Award of Excellence is not an easy award to win. That is why this award is seen so infrequently. proudly display Thunder's Award of Excellence to let others know that your Web site is informative, unique and has won this prestigious award. Once Again, Congratulations Your Site Has earned it!" Respectfully, The Award Staff, A Puppy Place DEAD LINK
A Puppy Place's Award of Excellence 169x225
DEAD LINK thundere.jpg
#628. December 5, 2000 - (Electronic Reproductions Australia) ERAust Award 10 - "Thank-you for submitting your site for the ERAust site award. We are pleased to announce that your site has received a rating of 10. A great site. It uses a good layout. Is easy to read and navigate. The site has Original Presentation, Original Content, Good colour co-ordination, No HTML errors, A written email address, not just a link. Very useful for web based email and no under construction banners. Keep up the great work. It was also pleasant to find that images on the site had been optimized to some extent. Placing the award on your site will qualify your site to be listed in the ERAust Hall of Fame." Andrew Butler, Electronic Reproductions Australia ERAust 10 Award 110x56

Haiku Haus Bronze Award 140x167

#716. January 12, 2001 - Haiku Haus Bronze Award - "Kon-nichiwa John, after reviewing the site together with my friend - Webmaster of Welsh Terrier Xmas - we are pleased to inform you that your 'Texas Precancel Club' website has won the Silver Award No. 017 of the Haiku Haus. Your website has a very clean, simple design with pleasing color scheme and is full of interesting content. Your navigation is clear-cut and easy to follow. So, in all our compliments to a job well done and thanks for helping the Web a more interesting fun and attractive place to visit." Sayounara, yours, Ugö-San (also offers Gold & Silver) Innovative Site Award 171x200

#744. January 21, 2001 - Internet Tips And Secrets Innovative Site Award - "Thanks for submitting your site for the innovative award. I really like your site. You have won the award. The image is attached. Please link it back. Thanks for creating a good site." Richard Lowe
#770. Shadow Poetry Bronze Award - February 1, 2001 "John Foster, Thank you for applying for a Shadow Poetry Award! Congratulations, you have won the Shadow Poetry Bronze Award for your site. The average score your site received was 78. Here is the break down of the points given by the two judges: Judge #1: Design = 20 points [/30], Creativity/Graphics = 23 points [/30], Content = 17 points [/20], Navigation = 8 points [/10], Loading Time = 8 points [/10] === Total Points = 76. Judge #2: Design = 23 points, Creativity/Graphics = 28 points, Content = 16 points, Navigation = 6 points, Loading Time = 7 points === Total Points = 80 ** The totals from each judge were averaged to give you a score of: 78 *** Should you display the Shadow Poetry award on your site you will need to link it back to us. We have attached the awards image to this email. Please let us know if you received your award alright. If you have a problem receiving attachments let us know and we will get it to you another way. Your site will also be added to the winners list for February, 2001. Please remember that we do random testing of sites we have awarded. If your site comes up as a dead link in the future you will be taken off the winners list and your award will be revoked. Again, congrats on your site award rated 3.5 by Award Sites! & and a 4 star rating by Paris Excellence Awards Club." Marie & TimeShadow, Shadow Poetry Shadow Poetry Bronze Award 130x150


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