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#829. Apple Country Bronze Apple Award worthapb.gif - February 28, 2001 "Greetings : Thank you for submitting your site Texas Precancel Club on January 29, 2001. Congratulations, your site has passed the tech analysis with a score of 60 and the reviewer to earn the Bronze Apple Award. Display it with pride, you've passed a tough review. Your award should be attached to this email. [no] If not, please let me know. A link back to the Apple Country Web site is not required but would be appreciated. A link to your site will be provided from the winners gallery. Once again, congratulations." Good luck and take care, Patti May (also offers gold & silver) Best Of The Web Award 2000/2001 150x200
#850. Best Of The Web Award 150x200 carlbotw.gif - March 10, 2001 (Carlsson Homepage) "Hi, I want to gratulate you of receiving Kjelles Award. I thought that your site was great. Keep up the great work. I will add your site to the winnerlist." Take care ! Kjell Carlsson [Sweden]

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#195. Cutting Edge Gold Award cegold.jpg - June 29, 2000 (NR) - "Congradulations on an outstanding site! The web the way I like it - informative and useful! Your site definitely deserves the 'Cutting Edge Gold Award'. Keep up the good work!" (also offers silver and bronze) rated 3.0 7/12/2000 reawarded 7/15/2000 "When I started my awards program I designed it specifically for 'Award Sites / Focus'. My criteria has had only minor changes and the scoring has not been altered at all. Your gold award still stands with my new 3.0 rating. (You have the second highest score of all sites examined so far - score:96) C. A. Clay. 3.5 since 3/21/2001 reawarded March 22, 2001 "It is always a pleasure to go to your site! Tge 'Texas Precancel Club' is always worthy of our award upgrade. This mail certifies your gold award upgrade to 3.5 on 3-22-2001." C. A. Clay dead link
Cutting Edge Gold Award 100x250
DEAD LINK 100x250 cegold.jpg
#606. Graham Nash Silver Award for Website Excellence 122x163 granashs.jpg - November 28, 2000 "Hi John, Your submission was treated as a 'new application' under our stricter guidelines, using different evaluators in an effort to uphold our Code of Ethics. I'm delighted to inform you that your site has been awarded our SILVER LEVEL AWARD. Congratulations." Brian, Awards Manager. Member CEM/CEMA, APEX, Official Evaluator for The Paris Awards Club, Peacework and Abba Awards Programs. April 11, 2001 "Your award is verified John, at the new Award Site rating of 3.5. Should you wish to re-apply for the award or an upgrade, please feel free to fill out the appropriate area on our site." Have a great day John. Brian, Awards Manager dead link
Graham Nash Silver Award for Website Excellence
GrahamNashDEAD LINK 122x163 granashs.jpg

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dead link
Kokopelli Bronze Award 97x144
DEAD LINK 97x144
#921. (Creations - Art of a New Age) Kokopelli Bronze Award kokotxb.jpg - April 21, 2001 "Congratulations!!! Your site, as listed above, has been chosen as a winner of the Kokopelli Award in bronze, according to points you scored. This award is not automatic. All pages are reviewed indepth. We were impressed by the hard work you put into your site. Thank you for applying for the award and sharing your site with us. The Award logo is being sent as an attachment to this note. If you have any problems with opening the attachment or the link/description on our winner-page is not right, please contact us. We hope you accept our humble token of appreciation. Your site should be posted on the "Winners List" today. All winners, except the gold winners map reapply for an upgrade. Blessed be!" Elsina & Daniel (Israel), webmasters of Creations - Art of a New Age / Kokopelli Award program dead link
Doug's World Bronze Award 110x140
#948. Doug's World Bronze Award 110x140 dwbtpc.gif - May 4, 2001 [Award Sites Level 3.5 since 5/2/2001 - Paris Excellence Awards Club 4**** - United Award Givers 7] "Hi John, Congratulations...After doing a thorough review of your site it gives me great pleasure to award you with my Bronze Award. You've done a wonderful job in putting your site together and it is quite obvious that you have put your heart and soul into the creation of your site." Sincerely, Doug

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#975. (Absolute Mystique) Silver Gem Award 140x198 absmysts.jpg - May 11, 2001 "John, Your site, Texas Precancel Club, has been thoroughly reviewed and I am pleased to announce that your site earned the Silver Gem Award. The hard work you have put into your site is evident to all who enter. Keep up the good work! Congratulations and thank you for inviting me to your wonderful site!" Sincerely, Absolute Mystique, Gem Award Program dead link
Absolute Mystique Silver Gem Award 140x198
DEAD LINK 140x198 absmysts.jpg

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OZZ Gold Award 186x145

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#991. Ozz Gold Award - May 28, 2001 "Your site has earned the ' Gold Ozz ' Award. This is a voluntary awards program. © Paul Gallagher. All the information about displaying your award is contained in this e-mail so please ensure you read it fully. I was very much impressed with the quality of your site and I could see that a great deal of time, creativity, and effort went into it. Your site received the points required to receive a GOLD OZZ. you can be very proud of your "OZZ" achievement. Your site will be listed in my winners section between the 26th and the last day of the month that your award was issued, and it will remain displayed for 1 month. Your 'OZZ' award is attached to this e-mail and you should follow the instructions below to display it on your site. Congratulations and well done. Save this award to your hard disk and put it on your site where you want it to appear. If you chose to link your award back to mu site the address is below. Webmaster 'OZZ' Award Please note: No link back to my site is required but if you do then it would be appreciated." May 31, 2000 - I am pleased to inform you that TheFamous Ozz Award has received its first rating from Award Sites, at Level 3.5. Your site was evaluated under the criteria in place during this rating. you may now apply this rating to your award. I am proud to have you on the winners list. Best regards, Paul Gallagher, webmaster

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