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Gemini Bronze Award

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  #1100. Gemini Bronze Award - August 29, 2001

Hello John, Thank you for submitting your site to the Gemini Awards. I enjoyed visiting your site and am delighted to present you with the Bronze Gemini Award. It is clear to me that you have put enormous effort and thought into making and maintaining your site. It is both technically impressive and visually pleasing. I am especially impressed at the trouble you have gone to in order to match elements fo (of) your site to the theme. The stamp graphics and, in particular, the navigation system illustrate this. I also liked the use of a different colour scheme for each section of the site and features such as the site tour and future plans section, which enables visitors to become more involved with the site. I did find navigation a little confusing at first, but on reading the explanation of the system it made good sense. I also found the content e.g. the awards section a little too detailed at times and had a spot of difficulty comprehending it - probably more to do with me than your site :o) Overall your site was most interesting to visit. Your award should be attached. Please link it back so that others can find out about The Gemini Awards. I will place a link to your site on my winners page later today. If you have any questions etc just let me know. Congratulations and I wish your site continued success in the future. Best wishes, Jalouda

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#1798. Jazz Alley XG Midis Gold Award - July 20, 2004

Dear John, Congratulations! It gives us great pleasure to inform you that Texas Precancel Club has won the Jazz Alley XG Gold Award against our criteria. Please note that all decisions are final. Your score: 96 out of 100. We have enjoyed visiting Texas Precancel Club and we learned a great deal about precancels. Your site showed us over all that you have True Passion from the Heart and you show a lot of passion in your content. We found your site to be well constructed, easy to navigate, consistent in theme, style and color and all of the internal and external links are in good working order. You have shown that you have put a lot of time, research and hard work into your site. We would like to thank you for inviting us to your site and for keeping our web community safe and clean. Congratulations on a job well done! We have attached your award image to this email. Please save it to your server and do not resize or change the original format in anyway what so ever. The award image was adopted from PicsNTrics with all rights reserved. If for some reason the award image is damaged and does not look right after you place it on your site, let us know and we will send you a new one. Please link the image back to so that visitors to your site may be able to apply for their own award. The link back is not a requirement. We are rated 3.5 with Award Sites! Please placed the award on your site within 30 days and email us the link where the award can be found. Award winners will be listed on our winners page with a like back to their site for all to visit. Congratulations once again, and we wish you the best of luck with your site for all future designs. Best Regards, John McDougald Jazz Alley XG Awards

  Jazz Alley XG Midis Gold Award

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Ladyses Diamond Award 170x160
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  #1021. Ladyses Diamond Award of Excellece - June 15, 2001

"John - Congratulations! I would be honored to present you with the Ladyses Diamond Award of Excellence. Your site has been evaluated based on navigation, design, purpose, content, originality, creativity, programming style and knowledge, graphics and overall impression. Enjoyed the new color scheme and as always your site is a joy to visit. Keep up the nce work! Please upload the attached award(s) to your site and though not mandatory a link back to the ladyses Award of Excellence program so that others can apply would be appreciated. I have included both a personalized animated gif image for you as well as a faster loading jpg image. Let me know when posted so that I can add you to my winners page and place you for consideration for my Monthly Award. Thank you so much for applying and making such a positive contribution to the web!" Have a good day!, Sandra (Ladyses)

  dead link
Ladyses Diamond Award 170x160
DEAD LINK 170x160 ladysesd.gif

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