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#1012. Daggett's Silver Award - June 9, 2001 "It is my pleasure to present you with The Silver Daggett Award. The purpose of this award is to distinguish sites that take pride in their work and make The Net a better place, full of information, entertainment, and community. Offered in both GIF and Flash variations. Judging is on Content, Design, Navigation, Graphics, and Various other things. It is a way that I can give back to the Net Community by distinguishing sites that are a cut above. This is a small way to say "Thank you" for making the Net a better place. If you have any questions please either send me an Email or visit the awards site for our grading criteria and Ethics statements. Also if you would rather the Flash version of the award just let me know. Again Thank you for making The Net a better place." Steve Daggett, Web Master/Owner June 14, 2001 Yep, the Gold, Silver, and Bronze are all now 3.5 rated." Steve Daggett's Silver Award 120x200

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#1012. Daggett's Silver Award - June 10, 2001 "Sorry, it takes a little longer to make the custom Flash Version. Thanks for reminding me here is it. and the code to insert it onto the page. Congradulations again." Steve June 14, 2001 "Yep, the Gold, Silver, and Bronze all are now 3.5 rated." Steve.

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