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#1243. Leines Hideaway Bronze Award - Hi John, First of all let me start of by apologizing for taking so long with getting back to you. One of my judges was away on vacation which left me kind of high and dry as it were.....but since we are at full steam again.....It is my pleasure to inform you that the judges of Linee's 10-42 Hideaway have completed their evaluation of your site "Texas Precancel Club". We certainly feel that your site is one that gives back in a big way to the advanced stamp collector as well as the novice. Your attention to detail is to be commended as well as the ease of navigation of your site. Therefore when averaging the judges scores, your website has achieved our BRONZE award! Please advise when you have received this award and where it will be placed. Also, please do not resize or change the award graphic in anyway. You may link back to the url that is listed under my website title. Once again, CONGRATULATIONS, on a job well done! Gary (Leine) Webmaster, leine'@ 10-42 Hideaway Leines Hideaway Bronze Award

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#1405. 2002 Treasured Web Awards Bronze Hi John, The judges of Treasured Web Awards have completed their evaluations of your website "Texas Precancel Club". We thank you for allowing us to visit your corner of the web. Your site is a true haven for the experienced stamp collector and you also provide information for the novice as well. Your award program is also very nicely done and gives back to the internet in a very special way. We are happy to inform you that your website has met our listed criteria and has scored an average of 76.5 out of 100. This score ranks you in our BRONZE division....Congratulations!!! I have included your award with this mail as an attachment. Please do not alter it in any way. Once you have received same, please let me know and I will then add your name to my list of winners. If you wish you may link back to us at the url that is posted under our sites titles name. Once again Congratulations on a job well done and welcome to the TREASURED WEB AWARD family! GaRay, Webmaster, Treasured Web Awards

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