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#1184. Unsers Gold Award - October 14, 2001 - Hello ! We have to admit you our english isn't perfect. But we've looked your Page. The Navigation is very good,the Design can be a little bit better,the contense is interesting and the idea for this Page isn't badly. Congratulations for our Gold Award and have good luck in future.
Loadtime: 10
Design: 7
Navigation: 10
Content: 8
Idea: 8
total: 43 Points
good bye
Kai-Uwe January 8, 2002 Dear Webmaster, My Award and mye Site under #1184. Unsers Gold Award - October 14, 2001 and my Rating Levels are higher. Web Award Rating 9.5 and my Award is adv 01.03.2002 new Grafik. Sorry for my broken english. Bye Kai-Uwe - June 16, 2002 - Hello John Foster, Thanks they may my Award on Rtaing Site 3.5. My Criterias the same are as to 14.10.2001.
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