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#1388. A Woman's Touch Silver Award for Website Design - March 18, 2002 - Congratulations! The judges found your site meets the criteria for our SILVER award. Let us know when you have it up along with a link back to AWT and we will put your site on our awardee list. Please reply ASAP. (After 14 days we will have to delete all your information). We now offer CERTIFICATES. We are glad you applied! AWT A Woman's Touch Silver Award for Website Design

85x135 awtsilve.jpg
TinyRay's Webmaster Bronze Award of Excellence
DOWN 150x150 achbronz.jpg
#54. TinyRay's Webmaster Bronze Award of Excellence - May 24, 2000 - Hi and Congratulations! I am pleased to announce that your submission for my Webmaster Award of Excellence has been approved. Your site was reviewed against our criteria, you have won the Webmaster Bronze Award!! [50-74 points] Job well done :o) Never Limit Your Challenges, Always Challenge Your Limits -TinyRay Grier (also offers Platinum, Gold, Silver)
#69. Silver Surfer Bronze Award 2000 - May 27, 2000 - Greetings John, We are proud to have the SilverSurfer [Bronze Award 2000] on such a page as yours...It not only reflects your taste...But also ours...We thank you...Again..We are honored to have this award on your page..Congrats on a *BRONZE*...You are one of the best... -ShadowRun/Rebecca Wright Silver Surfer Bronze Award 2000 - large version 124x200 as supplied; small is 78x125
200x124 silvsurb.jpg
dead link
Millennium Design Bronze Award 120x192

120x192 milldtxb.gif
#82. Millennium Design Bronze Award - May 29, 2000 Millennium Design is very pleased to present your site with its Bronze award. As a winnner your site has gone through extensive critique from our judging panel and has passed all required criteria. Great job and congratulations. Dear John, Going back through the awards scores your average score was 94. This alone tells me your site is getting close to earning higher awards from the elite awards sites. If I were to critique any area of your site that could use improving it would be as you had stated the graphics area. Our judges scored you lower in this area than most. Also although frames keep a site tidy they can be cumbersome depending on browser selection. Remember to keep in mind that the judging panels throughout the awards community use several browsers to visit sites. The panel of judges that Millennium Design has put together comes from several high awards programs. Their critique is valuable to me and I hope it aids others applying for our awards. If your site has earned a Bronze Award from us you have done a great job. One number I do not post is the number of sites that do not receive awards. On average about 30 percent of all that apply receive any recognition from our awards program. Again you have done a good job. Sincerely, -Bob Taylor, Millennium Design Services
#205. Spider Food Award - July 19, 2000 Hello John, I am pleased to announce you as the newest winner of the Spider [Food] Award for top ten search engine ranking. I confirmed your rank just a few minutes ago using the search phrase 'texas precancel'. And not only did your site rank in the top ten, your site ranked #1 [in Altavista. 'precancel' is #1 in Google. Of 550 'precancels' sites in Yahoo, we're #10.] Thank you for visiting Spider Food. And thank you for participating in this Award Program. To my knowledge, the Spider Award is the only rated award program on the Intenet [Internet] which recognized webmasters for their search engine optimization and web site promotion efforts. Congratulations! You won it! :) On The Bottom, J.K. Bowman Spider Food Award 162x202

162x202 spiderfd.gif
Spiffy Entertainment Cool Site Award for July 2000 120x150

120x150 spifcool.jpg
#254. Spiffy Entertainment Cool Site Award for July 2000 - August 5, 2000 Congrats on winning one of the four Cool Site Awards for July 2000! Your site is obviously a cut above the rest and deserving of being awarded as one of the top sites in July. Your site is now listed on the winners list with a description and my own personal comments. Congrats again! (also offers gold, silver, bronze)
#255. Caroline's Good Site Award - August 5, 2000 Hi John, I am pleased to say that I have awarded your site with Caroline's Good Site Award. Your site is well laid out and eye pleasing. Thankyou for applying. Best Wishes, Caroline (United Kingdom) dead link
Caroline's Good Site Award 156x156
DEAD LINK 156x156 carogood.gif
Colleen's Corner Kool Site Award 175x121

award #8. awdc3.jpg
May 1, 2000 "I enjoyed my visit to your site, Texas Precancel Club, very much. Your pages are all wonderfully done with very interesting and informative content. I am very pleased to award you with my [Colleen's Corner] Kool Site Award. Congratulations and keep up the great work. I know I will be back to visit again very soon." Colleen September 24, 2000 - "Hi John, I am very pleased to recertify your site as the winner of my Kool Site Award. I have been to your site often and am always impressed by the hard work you have put in... it shows :-). Congratulations and keep the great work. I know I will be back to visit again very soon. Colleen"
#285. Perfect Vision Bronze Award - August 21, 2000 as NR Hello John: Thank you for introducing me to this fascinating activity! Your website is a skilful presentation of unique and informative content. This, I am happy to present you with the Perfect Vision Bronze Award. I have already added you to the Perfect Vision Winners list. Your personalized award graphic is attached. Thank you for participating in the Perfect Vision Award program. I look forward to future visits to your wonderful website. Best Regards, Catherine {Ruston} August 30, 2000 Hello John: You are quick! Please feel free to use the new 4.0 rating for you Perfect Vision Award. Best Regards, Catherine Perfect Vision Bronze Award 197x129

197x129 perfvisb.jpg

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