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2 Star Soft Gem Award

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#1075. 2 Star Soft Gem Award, Silver Soft Gem Award (2 designs) - August 6, 2001 - Hello John, Thank you for allowing me to evaluate your site Texas Precancel Club. Following the evaluation I am pleased to inform you that your site has achieved the 2 Star "Soft Gem Award". The "2 Star Award" is given to those sites achieving a score of 85-92. This Award represents a very high standard in design and content. Your Award is attached to this E-mail and you may display it right away. Your Award will be listed on my winners page. Congratulations. Paul Gallagher, Awards Manager [Australia] (also 3 Stars, 1 Star) November 10, 2001 - Hello John, I have received an application from you for the Soft Gem Award. Your application indicates "new" in application type area. My records show that you received a Silver Gem Award and you site is in fact listed in my Silver Gem archives, which would make this an Upgrade application in my veiw. I am presuming that this was just a simple mistake when filling out the application, and in that respect I am happy to accept it and you may display the current Silver Gem Award at the new (AS) Rating of 4. I am happy to replace the older Soft Gem Award graphic for the new one if you wish. I had a temporary notice on the Soft Gem Awards intro page telling all previous winners of the oleder graphic to contact me if they wished the new graphic instead....and I am happy to do that for you....I will be an exchange of course and not counted as another Award....Let me know.....Paul Gallagher. I would need your written assurance that the Soft gem Award would only be counted "ONCE" for any other Awards given for total number of Awards received I know you are very much into that....Paul. there ya go mate enjoy.Paul Silver Soft Gem Award

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#1221. Bronze Ozz Award (4th level) - November 10, 2001 - Hello, I have reviewed your site "Texas Precancel Club" in accordance with the criteria for this program. Although you did not receive a higher award you can be very proud of your "OZZ" achievement. There have been significant changes to the criteria for this Award since your Gold Award in June, in particular the criteria associated with Award Programs and its greater impact on the overall evaluation. It is therefore not upgradeable automatically so this application was considered as an application for an upgrade. I offer the following comments in good faith regarding the evaluation. 1. faultless code 2. masses of information 3. well awarded an popular site. Your Award criteria was not considered consistent with my criteria for Award Programs eg: "If you have your own award program I will be looking to determine if your award criteria fits into my "inclusive and available" philosophy as seen in my purpose statement." and... "Sites with their own Award Programs: I have written my philosophical views on this area in my Purpose statement, and my FAQ page. In keeping with my inclusive and available policy, sites with their own Award Program will have their criteria reviewed as part of "content" and points will be adjusted if the criteria is inconsistent with the philosophical and policy approach relating to this area. I maintain my respect for the right of any individual with an Award Program to impose any conditions they wish on applicants, this is simply a condition of this Award program, and applicants for this Award need to be aware of this condition. There is no intent, implied or otherwise to devalue any applicants own Award Program." I consider for the purpose of this evaluation the following to be inconsistent with this criteria. 1. CRITERIA: "I am looking for something of at least the 70th percentile (sites with heart) and am awarding general excellence (not run of thei mill or haphazard sites.) I am judging to a standard of the top 30% of all sites, not the top 30% of the sites submitted. This site more than qualifies for its own award. Many don't." note: statement in red considered not to encourage and therefore exclusive. SPECIAL REQUIREMENT: "Your website HAS TO RUN ON A 486 / DOS / WIN3.11 / Netscape 4.02 computer, my most restrictive machine and the machine used for preparation and publishing of this website. Mine does." note: considered nothing more than a statement of the webmasters own obvious highly developed skills in this area (self promotion) Your site will be listed on the Winners page from the last day of the month that your Award was issued, (last day for awards is the 25th. of each month, so if your award was issued after the 25th of the month it will be in the following months winners list). Your "OZZ" award is attached to this e-mail Please do not make any alterations to this Award without permission. Congratulations and well done. Paul Gallagher [Australia] Bronze Ozz Award

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