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#3. Critical Mass Award - Apr 26, 2000 -

Congratulations!!....Your site definitely qualifies for the Critical Mass Award. A very nice site, good design, clever graphics, and your content is informative, entertaining, presented well and easy to access. A worthy enterprise and a positive contribution to the Web. Thanks for helping make the web a more interesting, useful and attractive place to visit. I really enjoyed my visit to the site and will return again when time permits. -Bill Darling (deceased) bdarl at

----eulogy by John Foster posted on WebsAwards Hall of Memories---

The Critical Mass Award is one of those classic web awards that has been around forever. Maybe not, but it still seems that way. Even Award Sites can only guess, and say that they had been a 4.0 rated member since "before 2000". It was also rated 10 Prince in WebsAwards and 3.0 in United Web Sites Award Givers.

I won one myself when I was first applying for website awards. My site came up on April 15, 2000. My third award was the "Critical Mass", received April 26, 2000. The citation was always the same, but gratefully appreciated.

I found this tombstone/award on "The Beehive". I do not know yet who made the modification, but I am still asking. I think that I might add it to my Critical Mass citation page. It seems appropriate, somehow, for those that had already won the award.

Word has been received that the webmaster, Bill Darling, has passed on. Since he was a telephone lineman, I hope that he will be climbing that pole to a better place.

John Foster, Texas Precancel Club

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Critical Mass award
DEAD LINK 85x100 critical.gif
Critical Mass award
64x75 criticsm.jpg
Critical Mass award
85x100 cmawards.gif
Critical Mass award
85x100 cmawars1.gif
Critical Mass award
85x100 jcf_cm.gif tombstone award created by John Foster of Texas Precancel Club
Critical Mass award
97x37 cmsmall.gif
Critical Mass award
97x37 cm_sm1.gif
Critical Mass tombstone by JennieM of Pics N Trics
85x29 bill_cm.gif
tombstone award created by JennieM of Pics N Trics
Critical Mass tombstone award
85x131 d3803.gif
tombstone award created by Mic Miller of The Beehive
Critical Mass tombstone award created by James Binegar of AJCF Awards
100x100 ajcf_cm.gif
tombstone award created by James Binegar of AJCF Awards
Critical Mass tombstone award
150x50 darling.jpg
tombstone award created by Vance Elderkin of The Internet Beacon
Critical Mass tombstone award
100x100 cmmemori.jpg
tombstone award created by Donna O'Smollain-MacDhadhoc of Lady Dorothea's Celtic Castle
Critical Mass award
85x100 korea_cm.gif tombstone award created by Jin Seok Kim of Korea Awards

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