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#345. Monolith Bronze Award of Excellence - [Award Sites 4.0 since 9/13/2000] September 8, 2000 as NR - "Hello John Foster, Thank you for letting me visit your website. I enjoyed my stay in it and I found it to be very informative, with rich and original content, and without any technical flaws. That's why it gives me great honor to inform you that your website qualifies for the Monolith Bronze Award of Excellence. It has earned a score of 74 on my score board. Keep up the great job." Best regards, Kirill Mourzenko, Monolith Award of Excellence September 18, 2000 "Hello This is a notice from Monolith award of Excellence, I don't remember if I sent this e-mail to you earlier, so if I did I apologize in advance. I just wanted to tell you that my award program is now rated 4.0 by the Award Sites!, so if you keep your awards by the AS! ratings you can move mine to the 4.0 rating section, or if you display the AS! rating near your awards you can put a 4.0 near mine. Thanks. Again if I sent this out already I'm really sorry. I've been really busy lately, and I don't even know what what anymore." Best regards, Kirill Mourzenko. January 20, 2001 - "Hello, The Monolith Award of Excellence program has now been upgraded by Award Sites! from a 4.0 rating to a 4.5! So if you are listing your awards by the AS! ratings you can move the award which you recieved [received] from Monolith Award of Excellence to the 4.5 rating location, or if you are showing the award program rating near its award, you can change our rating to 4.5. Thanks." Best regards, Kirill Mourzenko Monolith Bronze Award of Excellence 100x180

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High Density Hawk Award 164x232 DOWN
232x164 hawk.gif
#84. (High Density) Hawk Award - [Award Sites Level 4.5 derated 8/3/2000] May 30, 2000 "Hi, Congratulations! I have visited your web site and found it to meet the criteria of our [High Density] Hawk award. You now qualify for our Bald Eagle Award, which is given out to the best site of the week. After that, the Golden Eagle Award for the month's best site. So, good luck! There is no need to apply for these awards. Winners are chosen exclusively from sites that won the hawk award." Sincerely, -Tom, High Density Computing reawarded March 4, 2001 as NR
#1006. (PetalPerfect) iNet Merit Award [Award Sites Level 4.5 since 6/6/2001 - Paris Excellence Awards Club 5*****] June 7, 2001 - "Hi John, Thank you for applying for the iNet Award (Rated 4.5 with Award Sites!). I hope you found it to be an iNteresting, iNtriguing and enjoyable experience. I am happy to announce that your web site, "Texas Precancel Club", has won the iNet Merit Award. Congratulations! The iNet Award process is one that seems deceptively simple, but is, in fact, much more difficult than it may appear. Remember: You must score 5/5 (or 5 skills out of 5) under an i in order to be able to collect it toward your award. Your i-Tally score card follows below:
iMagination (2/5)
iNtuitiveness (4/5)
iNterest (4/5)
iNteractivity (5/5)
iNgenuity (3/5)
iBonus (4/4)
Award Earned: Merit
We always find your site a wealth of information and certainly a wonderful resource for precancel stamp collectors. A well-planned navigationsal (?) scheme makes one always feel that they know exactly where they are, where they are going, and how they are going to get there. We congratulate you on a job well done! On a personal note. The reason that you're [your] site was re-evaluated, rather than reviewed for an upgrade is that the current iNet Award Program, rated 4.5 with AS!, is an entirely different program with different purpose and criteria than any other prior version of this awards program. Therefore, your site was judged against this new program at this new level. Any future upgrades will be from this point forward and the other awards will not be brought into the equation any longer. This new criteria and program is not an easy one. There is very little margin for error. It is not an accumulative points program. It is "ya either got it or ya ain't", making it a challenge to be sure. For your site to win the Merit award the first time out is commendable. Your award is attached to this email. A link back would be appreciated, but is not necessary. I do ask, though, that you do not alter the award graphic in any way, when placing it on your web site. Your site has been added to the winners list. Please take a moment to check it for accuracy and let me know, if anything is iNcorrect. Within the next seven (7) days, please place the award on your web site, check your listing and let me know, if everything is in order. If I do not hear from you within the next seven (7) days, I will assume that you do not wish to accept the award and remove your name from the winners list. Thank you for iNviting us to visit your wonderful web site and for the pleasure of reviewing it." Karen Pimtzner, petalperfect Digital Photography Gallery, The Home of the iNet Awards, Rated 4.5 by Award Sites!, Rated 5 Stars by Paris Excellence Awards Club, Rated 4 Stars by German Top Awards (GTA) (also Gold, Silver, Bronze)
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PetalPerfect iNet Merit Award 167x115
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DandieStar TopInfo Award One Star

110x128 t-1.jpg
#1152. DandieStar TopInfo Award One Star - September 30, 2001 - Hello John, It was on honour for us to visit and evaluate Texas Precancel Club. Your visitors are overwhelmed by an enormous amount of information about stamps and your Club. Besides that your presentation and listing of your awards won is quite nice. We are full of joy to present Texas Precancel Club with our DandieStar TopInfo Award One Star. Congratulations, your website is featured in our Winners List by a description and a screenshot. Kindest Regards, manfred, DandieOnline - DandieStar Awards November 30, 2001 Hi John! Yes you can. Your DandieStar *TopInfo is AS!4.5 Regards, Manfred, Germany
#1248. DandieStar Design Award One Star - December 6, 2001 - Hello John, the team of the DandieStar Award is glad to present you the DandieStar*Design Award in honour of your really great job - congratulations! "Texas Precancel Club" presents not a usual design, but quite well one that is worthy to be decorated. The scheme of colours used and the quite unusual graphics in friendly colours are a good frame for this interesting topic on stamps. Once again congratulations - it was a pleasure for us being allowed to visit and evaluate your "Texas Precancel Club". Regards, Manfred, on behalf of the DandieStar Awards Jury-Team Germany DandieStar Design Award One Star

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