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#725. Welsh Terrier Xmas Bronze Award - January 15, 2001 - Hallo John, after reviewing the site together with my friend-Welsh Terrier Xmas- we are pleased to inform you that your website has won the Welsh Terrier Xmas Award Bronze No. 03. Your website has a very clean, simple design with pleasing color scheme and is full of interesting content. Your navigation is clear-cut and easy to follow. So, in all our compliments to a job well done and thanks for helping the Web a more interesting fun and attractive place to visit. Our best regards, Xmas & Ulli {Ulrich Pokorra} [Germany] (also offers Gold & Silver) January 31, 2001 Dear John, of course the Welsh Terrier Xmas Bronze Award is certified Award Sites Level 3.0 Greetings from Germany Xmas & Ulli - June 22, 2002 - Dear John, Recently you applied for our award and you wrote... NOTE: I have a retired Welsh Terrier Xmas bronze Award. I would like to apply for the new award at ANY LEVEL (*/**/***) since your Award Sites rating has changed.
Well,the Xmas Stars Award Program does not support any upgrades neither an old award graphic nor a new one, as the purpose of the AP is still the same. Although there have been some changes in the ratings of the Xmas Stars you can always count the Bronze Award at the actual rating level i.e. AS! 4.5. at the moment. But any new and different project is appreciated and welcome as a new application. I hope that might be a good message for your request. have a nice weekend, John. Ulli

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