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#153. Learning Fountain Award - June 22, 2000 Congratulations! Your site is now a 'LEARNING FOUNTAIN.' The Learning Fountain is not so much an award as it is a statement of the way you do business. I, therefore, hope you will not hide the emblem in an awards page. [I have to put one there to qualify for the Superb 100 Award, but there is also one on the home page. -JCF] If you know of any other commercial site that influences people by helping them learn, please ask them to apply for the award at P.S. Perhaps you would like to joing LearningFOUNT, a mailing list about Problem Solving and Community Building, sponsored by the Learning Fountain Network. We all could benefit from your expertise, as shown by your superior web site. P.P.S. Now that you have earned the Learning Fountain Award, you are eligible to join the Learning Fountain Network. This is a community of website owners helping each other in their marketing efforts. They pledge to excellence, honesty and ethics, and offer privacy guarantees. -Paul -thesoarING- Siegel Learning Fountain 86x100

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#153.ALT Learing Fountain Award - January 1, 2000 Hi Learning Fountain Awardee: The Learning Fountain emblem has been redesigned by Ian McPherson ( ) It is now an image to complement the excellence of your website, your Learning Fountain. Take a look. It is included as an attachment. Replace the old emblem with this one - and enjoy a prosperous new year. Live your vision, Paul the soaring Siegel
#1215. iNet 5.0 Merit Award - November 6, 2001 - Hi John, I am pleased to announce that your web site, "Texas Precancel Club" has been upgraded to the new iNet Merit Award at the AS! 5.0 level. Congratulations! As you know, the iNet Award is not an easy award to win at any level. An applicant must score 5 skills out of 5 in order to collect each of the i's. There is little margin for error. Winning the iNet at any level is quite an accomplishment. Here's how your scores are broken down:

iMagination: 2/5
iNterest: 4/5
iNtuitiveness: 5/5
iNteractivity: 5/5
iNgenuity: 4/5
iBonus: 4/4
Award earned: Merit
Since our last look at your site on June 7, 2001, we notice some marked improvements, although the design and layout of the website itself has not changed significantly, since our last review. Therefore, we are presenting you with a new Merit award at the 5.0 level. Your award is attached to this email. A link back is not necessary, but would be appreciated. Your site has already been added to the winners list. Please take a moment to check it for accuracy and let me know, if anything is incorrect. If you accept the award presented, we ask that you nofify us, within the next 7 days, and advise us as to the location of the award on your site. If you accept the award presented, but do not post awards, we ask that you notify us, within the next 7 days, so that we at least know that you have received and accepted the award. If you do not wish to accept the award presented, we ask that you notify us, within the next 7 days, and we will remove you from the winners list immediately. Those that refuse to accept the iNet award at the level earned will NOT be permitted to apply for another iNet award in the future. We also ask that you do not alter the graphic in any way. The graphics have been optimized to ensure a small file size. We thank you for applying for the iNet Award and for allowing us the pleasure of reviewing your web site. Enjoy your award. You've certainly earned it! Karen Pimtzner, petalperfect Digital Photography Gallery
Petalperfect iNet 5.0 Merit Award
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