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#243.ALT New Design Mesweet's Bronze Award originally awarded at 4.5 July 30, 2000 - August 10, 2002 - Hello John, First I would like to apoligize for not emailing you sooner. Your email got lost in my inbox and I just now found it. I am emailing youthe newer looking bronze award. I state at my site that any previous winner of my old award only has to email me to get the updated version. There are no stipulations in AS! 5.0 rating that states that my previous winners cannot list Mesweet's Awards as 5.0 rated, so I would like to let you know that it is okay to list as 5.0 rating, even if the award was presented to you in 2000. At this point I am uncertain of many things pertaining to my Awards Program. I do know that I am in the process of trying to think of some new guidelines since achieving the World's Top Award for Platinum and Gold winners after January 2001. I am taking not that you have requested a re-evaluation request and I will be re-evaluating your site between now and July 31st. If your site does not qualify for an upgrade, then you will not be notified and you will remain listed as a Bronze 2000 award winner. If your site earns an upgrade, then you will be notified by email stating which award you won before or on July 31. Again I would like to apologize for overlooking your email and my delay in contacting you that I have received the upgrade request. Kindest Regards, Debbie {Sharp} (also offers Platinum,Gold,Silver) Mesweet's Bronze Award

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