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#161. Superb! Website 100 Award - June 25, 2000 [Award Sites Level 5.0 since 9/1/1999 rerated 5.0+ 2/28/2001] "Hi John.... Re: Texas Precancel Club Congratulations! I am pleased to offer you the Superb! Website 100 Award! To qualify for this prestigious award, a site must have already won over 100 other awards, including one or more of the World's Top Awards, which is very difficult to achieve. Your site meets this criteria, and you have earned a Superb! Website 100 Award. Please wear it with pride for only the best websites will qualify for this award! Again, congratulations on winning the Superb! Website 100 Award. You have created an outstanding website, one that is widely recognized for its excellence, and the Internet is [a] better place because of your talent and efforts!" Don Chisholm, Webmaster, Website Awards, home of the free Awards Worksheet and Superb! Awards Texas Precancel Club is the 46th winner of this award. March 1, 2001 "Hi John.... Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Things have been a little hectic these days, and I'm getting behind. The criteria for the Superb! Awards has not changed, John. So all of the previous winners continue to be winners under the new rating level. I hope this answers your question. Thanks for your enquiry. Have a fun day, John." Don Superb! Website 100 Award

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