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#1332. Webkin Award Gold - February 6, 2002 - Congratulations! You have won our GOLD award! Well Done! Your web page was good in both design and content. Keep up the good work! Please reply to this mail to confirm acceptance of our award and to tell us if you will be putting it on your website and we will put you on the winners page. Please check our our website as well. Well done! Ellen Stafford, Webkin Design United Kingdom Webkin Award Gold

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Paradise Cash Purple Rose Award
www.paradisecash.com DOWN
120x140 parapurp.jpg
#877. (Paradise Cash) Purple Rose Award - March 29, 2001 - "John, Congratulations!!.....You are one of the first 'Purple Rose Award' winners. What is the significance of this award? A rose is a symbol of love. You clearly demonstrate a true love and passion for your site and the subject of precancel stamps. I do not have much knowledge of stamps and will return to learn more. Thank you for making a positive contribution to the web. My standards are high and the Purple Rose Award is a challenge to win. You earned it! The Award logo is being sent as an attachment. I am proud to post your site on the 'Winners List'. Although not required, a link would be appreciated. Again, congratulations and thank you so much for submitting your outstanding site for consideration." Warmest Regards, Susanne Maguire
#1406. Paul Award 2002 2nd Place (Silver) - April 4, 2002 - Dear Mr Foster, Thank you for applying for an award, you scored as below:
Design: 15
Link Functioning:10
Load Time:4
Total Score:84 Marks/ 100 Marks.
Congratulations - Your site has scored high enough to gain you the Silver Award (2nd). Please feel free to re-apply for an upgrade when changes have been made to your site (include a list of changes). You are required to link the enclosed image back.
Paul Award 2002 2nd Place(Silver)

333x76 paul2nd.gif
Witchway Creative Site Award 297x170

297x170 wwcreati.jpg
#895. (Witchway) Creative Site Award - April 11, 2001 "I cannot believe all that I read and learned about stamps when I visited your site. My oldest son has always had a passion for collecting stamps and coins. He is now a family man with 4 children, and still collecting. I am delighted that you had a chance to visit Witchway and apply for one of my awards. I found your site meets all the criteria for my Creative Site Award and you may pick it up. Please advise me if you have any trouble regrieving your award. Congratulations!" Rua

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