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#1372. Peggy's Purple Paradise Fantastic Site Award - March 11, 2002 - Congratulations!! You have been awarded my Fantastic Site Award!! There were also a couple of things that I found humorous about you applying for my award. One is that I am from Houston, Texas. My whole family still lives there. Another is that I have a very small stamp collection. LOL I think I started this when I was 8 yrs old, and I still have it. I even got my Girl Scout's Collector's Badge with that stamp collection. :-) I am very glad that you applied for my award, because it gave me the opportunity to explore your site, which is well deserving of any award from anyone. I am very proud to be able to have my award displayed there. I also enjoyed my visit with you in your little corner of the web, and it won't be my last. Please notify me with the page URL when you have the award displayed and linked back to me so that I may add you to my winner's list. Thanks, Peggy, Peggy's Purple Paradise Peggy's Purple Paradise Fantastic Site Award

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