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#547. Fiamma Award - November 7, 2000 - "A lot of Compliments you've won the Fiamma Award! Struttura del sito 7/10, Grafica del sity 6/10, SXemplicità e facilità di navigazione all'interno del sito 8/10, Assenza di errori di programmazione Java o simili o link inesistenti 10/10, Contenuti 6/10, TOTALE: 37/50. You'll soon insert in my page of winners." {Andrea Brancaccio} [Italy] NOTE: New Fiamma award is rated 3.0 but I can not apply for that one until 2001 "because I have this one already" Fiamma Award 99x86

#547.ALT MSFT Federazione Milanese Bronze "Fiamma" Award - January 16, 2000 - "I'm sorry to inform you that your site is not eligible for the new version of the flame award. Being you a 2000 winner, I send you the new image (bronze version) valid for the 2000 year (soon will change for this 2001). Please link back. Thank you for your interest in my award program." Best Regards, {Andrea Brancaccio} Italy MSFT Federazione Milanese Bronze Fiamma Award

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