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#1583. Photo Pit ACIS Bronze Award - March 29 2000 actually August 4, 2002 - Dear John, Your site won bronze award.Your site is with high quality distinguishing features so you win this valuable title... Thank you for participating in our Award Program. sincerelly, Phot Pit Photo-Pit ACIS Bronze Award

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#1641. UK Awards Site 3 Star Award - September 13, 2002 - Hi John. "Congratulations" you have won our 3 Star Award. This award is given to outstanding Web Pages the hard work that has been put into the development and design of your web site. Your score was 101/150. We do not just give our award away. The Awards Site UK Award is not an easy award to win well done. A panel of two decided the final results. Thank you for helping make the Web a more interesting, attractive and informative place to visit. Our compliments on a job well done.
How your site scored.
Design: 20-50 Points.
Content: 40-50 Points.
Navigation: 20-20 Points.
Award Pages: 20-20 Points.
First Impression: 1-10 Points.
Total: 101 Points.
Evaluators Comment: No Comment
All the very best and keep the good work up. Bill Murray. Awards Site UK

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