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#674 Steffens Award Silver - January 2, 2001 - Hello! I have attended the HP. Rope navigation. Very extensive and vertatile. Unfortunately, I couldn't judge the orthography since I don't know English so well. Rope home page. I the HP judged: -Grafik, animation 6 of 10 points; advertising, charging time, update 7 of 10 points; navigation, function 10 of 10 points; orthography -- of 10 points; contents 8 of 10 points; optical general impression 8 of 10 points, have so These are 39 of 60 points.>>> 1. Gold-Award 60 to 55 points, 2. Silver-Award 54 to 43 points, 3. Bronce-Award 42 to 27 points, 4. Comfort-Award 26 to 0 points. Congratulations in my silver Award. I hope he pleases. Of course every Winner of an Awards appears at the next update in the corresponding list, possible also with banner. Unfortunately, Ihave found these right writing mistakes: -no weighting- CIl8ter Steffen [Germany/Montserrat] Steffens Award Silver approx 200x200
280x275 steffens.jpg
#1124. Echsenseite Silber Award - September 18, 2001 - Hi (First sorry for my bad english) congratulation. you have won the "echsenaward in Silver"
Here your results
Time to Load: 10 (20)
Content: 20 (30)
presentation: 10 (20)
navigation: 15 (20)
publicity: 10 (10)
links: 20 (20)
music: 10 (10)
pers. gefallen: 10 (20)
you have 105 points from 150
MfG Wolli
dead link
Echsenseite Silber Award
DEAD LINK 225x140 echsens.gif
Kuckuk Silber Herz Award

103x93 herzs.gif
#1151. Kuckuk Silber Herz Award - September 26, 2001 - Hello John, I've seen your homepage and you give best information about stamps, which is also interesting for families and their children. Therefore you get my silveraward. Best regards, Claudia, Bonn, Germany ObiWan Bronze Award

150x150 bronze-t.gif
#1190. ObiWan Bronze Award - August 10, 2001 - Hi, We're glad to tell you that you have won the ObiWan Award for your homepage. You reached third place, for further details see the bottom of this mail. Congratulations, your ObiWan Team
Inhalt: 14/20
DCesign: 10/20
Funktionalität: 8/10
Originalität: 8/10
Arbeit: 7/10
Spaßf.: 3/10

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