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#1125. The BorisSite Surftip Bronze Award - September 19, 2001 - Dear John, I have just visited your website. I am happy being telling you that you won the Surftip-Award in Bronze. Your website reached 51% of the possible points. You may present the award graphic which I attach to this email on your website. I would be glad if you linked it to my website. The points in detail:

Functionality: 10 of 15 points
+: nice entry page, good logo, all links work, easy navigation despite a lot of sub-pages, menu always visible (also on sub-pages), loading time good, no areas under construction visible, jump from one sub-page to another possible, good site-structure, sitemap
-: sub-menu on the bottom of the page (scroll necessary, not user-friendly), text style not easy to read, website opens without a real start page, external links should open in a new browser window

Design: 5 of 20 points
+: uniformity of the layout, self-made
-: design doesn't fit to the content of the page, a lot of colors used, layout a bit chaotic, only few layout elements (with stamps, you could have made a nice decoration), design disturbs reading the content, graphic elements could be arranged better, different borders and page sizes, banner and logo could be much better

Content: 14 of 20 points
+: quick overview, presentation of own work, number of topics very good, logic connection of topics good, volume of topics excellent (stamp index..), information very useful for visitor, goal of the website is clear
-: different topics would be nice (not only the club and the index, I bet there's more about precancels), content is only for those interested in precancels, but not for everyone

Originality: 4 of 10 points
+: creative content, good ideas creating the website, own content and layout, own work dominates the website
-: less creative design, only few technologies used (website was probably created writing in html-code), few services related to the website, website only attracts precancel professionals

Professional status: 5 of 10 points
+: no disturbing ads or popups, information about webmaster, keeping website up to date with news, good: print-out version of application form available, goal of website is achieved
-: I didn't find a guest book or a feedback form, newsletter, contact not easy to find, free services
Yours, Boris Roesler
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The BorisSite Surftip Bronze Award
DEAD LINK 210x157 surftipb.jpg
#1125. The BorisSite Surftip Bronze Award - October 21, 2001 - This is your personalized Surftip Award graphic from Please add this to your website instead of the old graphic. Thank you! Boris Roesler The BorisSite Surftip Bronze Award DOWN
177x132 surftb22.jpg

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