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TPC Excellence Bronze Award Serial 011 Site#0190 Award#3.0B011 8/25-9/6/2001 Manfred-Günter Boffo - Here is a complex English/German site from a hobbyist writer. He'll be in a chatroom if you want to talk. Score: Design:23/30, Navigation:25/30, Content:35/40 = 83%
DEAD LINK www.mgb-home.de/englis/index.html MGB's Home
TPC Excellence Bronze Award Serial 012 Site#0197 Award#3.0B012 8/30-8/24/2001 SWART - This contains a high contract Digital Art gallery. His style would serve well for the graphic arts or for designing your next logo. Score: Design:25/30, Navigation:25/30, Content:36/40 = 86%
sites.uol.com.br/kellywinck Serge Winck
Site#0170 Award#3.5B013 8/3-9/13/2001 Sam Ni - There wasn't much going on in the Summer when I first looked at the site. However, it was clean, and ready to go for the next school year. I can see that it would serve as a focal point for events and whatever else is going on. Score: Design:27/30, Navigation:27/30, Content:30/40 = 84%
www24.Brinkster.com/tx934 McNeil HS AFJROTC
TPC Excellence Bronze Award Serial 013 Award#3.5B014 9/23/2001 - John C. Foster - One of a set of 4 for my own site.
tx4.us/txpcclub.htm Texas Precancel Club
TPC Excellence Bronze Award Serial 014
Site#0174 Award#3.5B015 unsolicited 9/28/2001 Limuel Swanson - This was a tough site to review, since it was drastically different every time I looked: temporarily closed, a World Trade memorial, back up with a missing page, CWGA Award and Salvation program. Clean design is a trademark of Limuel's other sites, and I figured it would soon be there. Score: Design:27/30, Navigation:24/30, Content:32/40 = 83%
DEAD LINK cwga-awards.cjb.net CWGA Christian Awards
TPC Excellence Bronze Award Serial 015 Site#0223 Award#3.5B016 9/22-28/2001 Larry Schaeffer - Some backgrounds are a little busy. This is primarily a gaming site, but I was interested in his Civil War Regimental History and General section. Since one of the lesser known ones was one of my second cousins (I'm several times removed.), I thought I would check. See General Thomas Maley Harris, (You spelled the name correctly.) who after being breveted on the battlefield, served on the Commission that sentenced the Lincoln conspirators. (I've seen his grave in the I.O.O.F. cemetery in Harrisville, Ritchie Co. WV, and I also remember his large wooden house in town, which was torn down in the 1960s to make way for a church.) This is an interesting site without being overwhelming and needs more advertisement for the genealogy (Civil War) portion. Navigation is from a click-and-go menu. Oh yes, speaking of Generals, the impressive grave of Albert Sidney Johnston, with an impressive enclosed from the weather, reclining marble statue by Elizabet Ney, is here in Austin, Texas in the State Cemetery. The model for the statue is in her museum in town. Score: Design:23/30, Navigation:23/30, Content:39/40 = 85%
home.ptd.net/~larrysch The Game Puppet
TPC Excellence Bronze Award Serial 016
TPC Excellence Bronze Award Serial 017 Site#0206 Award#3.5B017 9/10-10/19/2001 Charles LaRocca - Content is in the form of short review of other linked sites. The very readable color scheme and design were helpful, as well as many participatory elements (buttons, forms, etc.). Score: Design:27/30, Navigation:27/30, Content:30/40 = 84%
dead link www.321webmaster.com DEAD LINK 321Webmaster.com
TPC Excellence Bronze Award Serial 018 Site#0220 Award#3.5B018 9/19-10/19/2001 David Geer - Text goes all the way across the screen. Breaking it up with columns or tables might make it more readable. Galleries consisted of medium sized thumbnails, a technique to improve load time. You only have to click on the larger ones that interest you. Background is also available on shows and exhibitions where you will find Mr. Geer's oil paintings. Score: Design:24/30, Navigation:26/30, Content:35/40 = 85%
davegeer.users4.50megs.com David Geer's The Art Den
Site#0230 Award#3.5B019 10/8-11/16/2001 SkyHawkFireHeart - Here's Blackfeet/Umatilla artist Skyhawk's site, with associated information. I seemed to find something different every time I looked. Try it. Score: Design:23/30, Navigation:23/30, Content:38/40 = 84%
www.angelfire.com/art/skyhawkfireheart/index.html SkyHawk
TPC Excellence Bronze Award Serial 019 Site#0240 Award#3.5B020 10/17-11/21/2001 DataCorp - This is a fast loading marketing site. I really didn't see anything unusual or anything that kept the site from running on my small computer. Score: Design:25/30, Navigation:27/30, Content:35/40 = 87%
www.dataman.cc Mary Powell
TPC Excellence Bronze Award Serial 020  

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